Tracy Morgan Fired Up For Court

It seems the countless hours I’ve spent watching “Law & Order” have done surprisingly little to help me understand the in’s and out’s of the legal system. From my over ten seasons of ardent TV-watching (which adds up to like what, half a law degree?), I assumed that perps always wanted to take the deal. Right? From TMZ:

Hours after Tracy Morgan was busted on suspicion of drunk driving in New York this morning, the actor shot down a deal that would have guaranteed he serve no time behind bars. Reps from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office tell TMZ that Morgan decided not to accept a plea bargain that included a $1000 fine, five days of community service, a D.U.I. program and no jail time in exchange for a guilty plea. Tracy Morgan court docsMorgan’s criminal status probably played a role in his decision. By accepting the deal, Morgan essentially would be fessing up to violating probation in L.A. (on his prior DUI conviction), which would almost certainly land the actor behind bars.

There’s nothing like a celebrity DUI to get you to realize just how many shirtless pictures of said celebrity there are floating around the Internet.

Tracy Morgan: Bring on the Judge!! [TMZ]

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