Trace Cyrus Talks About Beating Up Jonas Brothers And Other Things

To you and me he may be one of the lesser-known members of the Cyrus family, but Trace Cyrus is definitely one of the more interesting family members. As he older brother of Miley Cyrus and adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus, the 20-year-old is often being watched closely. He recently chatted with about his band Metro Station, his role as the good/bad boy, and how he’d beat up a Jonas Brothers.

On the Jonas Brothers and which one he’d fight: “I could have gone the route of the Jonas Brothers. Those guys can’t live their lives freely. They have to put out this image that’s totally fake. I don’t think any of them would be much trouble. I’d never lay a hand on Nick–I love that kid–but the other two better not get in my way.”

Dumbest rock-and-roll moment: “We got pulled over once, and the police ripped out all our stuff and searched the van. There was another band riding with us. They had some, uh, stuff.”

On stupid teenage stuff: “When I was 16 and still living in Tennessee, me and some friends were driving around and pulled a fake pellet gun on some girls. The next day we were called out of school and taken down to the police station. My mom was in California with Miley, auditioning for Hannah Montana, and my dad was filming a TV show in Canada–they were so pissed.”

On “Achy Breaky Heart” jokes: “We’ve always been respectful of that song. It started off the Cyrus legacy. Honestly, I have the coolest mom and dad in the world–they let me go out and act crazy and get tattoos all over my body and face, and they still love me like they did when I was 5. The more success you have, the more people are going to hate on you–you have to let it roll off your shoulders.”

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Gallery Info: Trace Cyrus and Metro Station rock Isle of MTV held in Il-Fosos Square
Floriana, Malta.

On the best and worst advice given:Tom Delonge from Blink-182 told me not to sleep with too many nasty girls on the road.”On making the music career last: “The
only way to protect yourself is to kill people with kindness. People
have this idea of what I’m like by looking at me, and I like shocking
them by showing them I’m a good guy. I’m a very respectful young man.”On trashing hotel rooms: “Oh, I’ll break a hotel room. But then I’ll pay for it after.”You know, he seems like a decent guy. It’s sad that he and Demi Lovato didn’t work out.
But he did threaten my JoBro. No one is allowed to say anything bad
about them. Ever. Except me. And really, anything bad I say is purely
out of love. You better watch your back Trace Cyrus. I’m gonna be
watching you!