T.R. Knight Talks About The Isaiah Washington “Faggot” Incident

January 17th, 2007 // 19 Comments

The increasingly hotsy sad puppy-looking T.R. Knight went on Ellen and spoke up about how he feels Crazy Isaiah Washington’s shitty behavior caused him to come out publicly. Short guys are hot.

T.R. Knight says that Isaiah Washington forced him out of the closet when he called him a “faggot” on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

What’s more, Knight tells Ellen DeGeneres that he’s dumbfounded by Washington’s denial of having called Knight a “faggot” in a scuffle with “Grey’s” co-star Patrick Dempsey. Washington offered the denial in an interview at Monday’s Golden Globes. Knight, in turn, told Ellen, “I don’t know what to say, really, about that.”

Knight also says that he’d never been called by the slur “to his face,” and when he heard Washington refer to him in that way, “something shifted, and it became bigger than myself.” Shortly thereafter, Knight revealed to People magazine that he is, in fact, gay, but says he never intended to before the incident. “It became important to make the statement,” he says.

I’m not sure what else to say about this and still retain my snarky indifference. I watched the footage and it was obviously hard for the dude to even repeat what he was called on a talk show so he seems like he has some big balls. I mean not like helping Katrina victims or going off to Iraq balls, but balls nonetheless.

T.R. Knight Speaks [TMZ]


By J. Harvey

  1. too funny

    Isaiah Washington is nominated for an NAACP Image award – please ask for his nomination to be withdrawn:


  2. David

    Check out CNN’s version of an appropriate headline for this story…(Scroll down to People Magazine entry)


  3. Gawd! Is it just me??? Oh i have this overwhelming desire to cuddle him!! Keep him safe from the bully’s of the world! He is just the cutest, sweetest thing!

    “Too Funny”…agreed. He should be banned from recieving an award from the NAACP…unless they want to be presented as a foundation full of hypocrites.

  4. ladybug

    is there a reason that he cannot seem to just speak in this interview? i mean if he is there by his own will, to call out his coworker on national television he should now just be a man about it and stop the bashful mumbling.
    if he is going to stand up for himself, just go on and do it already.

  5. Mandy

    I think that over is over. I don’t hear people still talking about the Kramer N-word happening. And about Isaiah denying the whole thing, totally an overreaction from the people. Here is a video of the thing. If you’re being honest you can see that he said it as a joke because this whole thing has been discussed already. They even discussed it on Oprah!! So for the press to ask it on that event was just tempting to make trouble. And for people to make it bigger than it is, means they reached their goal.


  6. Mandy

    And for the people that don’t get it. He was joking when denying on the event. Before ignorant people read into it the wrong way.

  7. Mandy…i watched the video…that was just as insulting as i thought it would be.

    He’s a bigot…and you’re an ass for defending him.

  8. Mandy

    Egroft: And you’re an ASS for being led by the media. And Michael Richards is probably your idol. Did you spend time defending him too when he was calling people the N-word or was that just freedom of speech? And besides as one of the co-stars said, it was between cast members. People like YOU make it your business. And while TR is being all puppy faced his cash flow keeps coming. And yours? It’s stupid ass discussions like this and people like you that don’t give things a chance to get solved in peace. But keep the fire burning if it makes you feel better about yourself ;)

  9. annie

    Even if Isiah Washington was joking when saying it never happened – IRRELEVANT. He’s a celebrity and apparently has a brain in his head – he opens his mouth, he’s leaving himself open for judgement and his statements open to interpretation. And Mandy– blah, blah, blah, guided by the media yadda yadda. It’s the world we live in. Why don’t you get off your high horse. All said, I applaud TR Knight for having the balls to address this publicly. He’s taking control of a situation that could have left him completely victimized. Good for him. Now if that bigot will keep his damn mouth shut, maybe this whole thing can just die.

  10. sec

    The one thing I don’t understand is why TR felt that he HAD to come out. I seriously don’t care what team he bats for; he’s still my fave on the show.

    I mean, kudos to him for doing it; being openly gay will subject him to a sh*tstorm he doesn’t deserve. But whether he’s gay or straight doesn’t make the “f” word any more inappropriate. Using that word makes Isiah the ignorant a-hole in this story, period.

    Please, I don’t mean to offend…if the point is that it can be MORE offensive b/c of all the prejudice and hatemongering gay people have to face…and that he has to work in an environment that now makes him feel uncomfortable and persecuted…then that’s all I was asking to clarify.

  11. Lo

    Interessting how people respond to a black man saying something about a gay man. But indeed when black people were getting called the n-word, not so many comments. Defending even! And blahblah will indeed get you far in life, annie?It’s indeed people like you that let us see how “your kind of people” think. Slavery wasn’t important but being gay is? Weird world indeed.

  12. Michiko

    Oh I love how being black always ends up in a conversation about being gay. Then it becomes a war as to which has it worse…

  13. myra

    since when does supporting a gay white man when a straight black man calls him a faggot translate into supporting the use of the word nigger? these are two different issues. i won’t even get into the struggles my friend faces as a gay black man. sheesh.

  14. ke ke

    @sec “The one thing I don’t understand is why TR felt that he HAD to come out.”

    I agree, if it happened on the set and only a few people knew, then why did TR feel as if he had to let the world know. I know you don’t blame the victim, but this dude is airing his dirty laundry while everybody else seems to be trying to forget about it.

    Isaiah was nervous, a reporter asked the question and no one knew how to answer it….and previously Ryan Seacrest was goading him on the Red Carpet…A bunch of different things were going on but the media has only shown what they wanted to incite the most drama.

  15. Ani

    Well, first of all, he came out because of all of the media speculation after the fight on set. Maybe he’d rather deal with saying “I’m gay” instead of “Is he or isn’t he?”. Whether he came out or stayed in the closet, his sexuality isn’t “dirty laundry”. Do you consider your sex life to be “dirty laundry”? If so, you might want to re-evaluate your self-esteem.

    Second, just because a situation involves a black person and a white person doesn’t mean that it revolves around race or even that race is an integral part of it. You cannot rationalize Washington’s actions by saying “Blah blah, Michael Richards!”

    Bigotry, unprofessionalism and a blatant disregard for people are the issues here, not race.


    To the “black people getting called the n-word…” freaks…stop blowing smoke…address the REAL issue or Shut The Fck Up!

    (oh BTW, and Mandy, i think you’re an ass also.)

  17. annie

    >>>And blahblah will indeed get you far in life, annie?It’s indeed people like you that let us see how “your kind of people” think. Slavery wasn’t important but being gay is? Weird world indeed.

    First of all “Lo”, the comment was in response to all the garbage being spouted about the role of the media in this situation. You grossly misinterpreted something I thought I stated very clearly. And what is this “your kind of people” nonsense? What are you even talking about? How do you even know who or what I am? You don’t. So shut your mouth. Third, leave race and slavery out of this. I said nothing about it, and it isn’t even the issue anyway. Stop trying to instigate racial issues in order to hold on to some feeling of persecution. I’m done.

  18. Shon

    Media seems to be the biggest culprit. Really makes one wonder how this whole ‘private fight’ on Grays set may have quietly resolved itself with least possible damage to IW and Grays,had not the media persistently instigated the public. The biased kind of reporting seemed to overplay IW’s bad role and made TRK out to be the victim which TRK played to the gallery and began to cash in on big time. He sucks on the show and IW rocked. How does it matter what their private fights or lives are about…and who is everyone to moralise about some misplaced word. America can be really rude, nothing new… why are the gays acting so darn prissy. The word is used many times with no such mal-intentions aimed at gays which is how IW used it…IW is certainly no homophobe. That is a media -propogated lie. Why are the gays so bent upon identifying with this word. It is used commonly to denote a lot of other things. Is only this word so bad ? NO…then everyone should stop using ALL abusive words to ANY human being altogether…esp racist remarks which are NOT limited just to the blacks. Enough of the double standards. Gays are not a SPECIAL minority but look how aggressively they manage to get themselves heard and obeyed. The racially victimised should really learn from their MO.

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