TOWIE’s Chloe Sims Pushes The Boobs Up For Her Book Launch [PHOTOs]

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Sam and Joey Essex recreate '50 Shades.'
Love, love, love The Only Way Is Essex’s Chloe Sims, and wouldn’t you know that she just came out with an autobiography, Chloe Sims: The Only Way Is Up-My Story.  In it, the model opened up about battling an eating disorder, her many trips to the plastic surgeon and family issues.

“I’ve been really honest, as honest as I can be, I was really nervous about it coming out, but so far, touch wood, it’s not been a terrible reaction, it’s been quite positive,” Sims – wearing a lace gown by Ku by Spendlove – said at the book launch last night (November 13th) in Loughton, England.  PS-Look at her daughter’s matching dress.  Could you die?

In her book, Sims opened up about being abandoned by her mother at a young age.

“I have so few memories of mum that I can barely even remember her face. I’ll never know why she left and we’ve not seen her since. What sort of woman just walks out and leaves her child?” Sims wrote.  “I don’t think what happened that day will ever sink in. Why mum left me, I’ll never know.  As far as I’m concerned I will never meet her.” 

Sims also wrote about her daughter, Madison, and doing whatever it took to keep food on table.

“‘I needed to support my little girl and I felt I had no choice. I was pole dancing. I did what I had to do for my daughter and I hated every minute of it.  It was the lowest point of my life,” Sims said of raising Madison alone.  “I was completely skint, my landlord was threatening to kick us out and we had nowhere to go.

“We had no hot water so I would boil a kettle to wash Mady. Then I’d put two pairs of pyjamas on to keep her warm at night. My plans to be a good mum had failed, I had hit rock bottom.”

Watch Sims’ TOWIE stars chat about their friend at the launch.  Debbie Bright, behave yourself!