Touching Photos Of Prince William And Queen Elizabeth

Kate's Famous Route
Will and Kate retraced their wedding route in London.
Today the royal family celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee with a thanksgiving service and carriage procession, wrapping up a four-day celebration in the country’s capital.  Prince William, one of the few senior royals who stood on the balcony with Her Majesty, who probably thinking to himself, “Dear God.  This will be me someday.”

Since he was little, William knew that he would one day be king, but it’s certainly not a role he welcomes anytime soon.  “I try not to think about it, to be honest,” William told royal biographer Robert Hardman.  “As I’m flying along in my helicopter through the mountains of Wales, I try desperately hard not to think about it. That can wait until I’m a bit older.”

What I admire most about the Queen is not just her dedication to her duty, but also to her family.  When Princess Diana passed away in August 1997, the Queen chose to stay at her royal residence in Balmoral and console William and Harry.  The media and people around England demanded that Her Majesty at least publicly acknowledge the passing of Diana.

She finally did conduct a walkabout and a televised speech, but the Queen’s decision to be with her grandsons spoke volumes of her humanity.  “I say to people: ‘She’s my grandmother to me first and then she’s the Queen,'” William told Hardman.

What’s next for the royals this summer?  Let’s take a look after the jump