‘Total Recall’ Show Up At Comic-Con, Call Remake A ‘Human Experience That’s Brutal And Hard’ [PHOTOS]

Man Cleavage!
Farrell showing off some cleavage on set. Mm, yum.
Yesterday, the cast of the rebooted Total Recall showed up to Comic-Con to set the record straight about the remake versus the original. Jessica Biel calls the remake a large departure from the original. She said that it’s more than just an action-thriller film, but an “action-drama love story.”

It’s hard to top how over-the-top the original Total Recall was (c’mon, it was the ’80s!), which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, but now played by Colin Farrell. So Len Wiseman’s remake will focus in on the emotional pull of the movie:  “That’s what we were continuing to maintain – this human experience is so brutal and hard to deal with, and that’s what special little thing we wanted to keep infusing so that at times it feels like this love story.”

I don’t know if I’ve been sold on the remake, but I admire the cast and crew in not trying to make the same movie twice. If worse comes to worst, at least we’ll have Colin Farrell drawing in crowds!