Tori Spelling Says She Is ‘Trying To Build An Empire’

Tori Spelling can’t understand why four years into her marriage, the shit is hitting the fan. She is currently on yet another superfluous nationwide book tour, managing a reality TV show and trying to be a mother to two children all at the same time. Oh right and she has a bumbling husband named Dean who crashes motorcycles.

“I’m still working on trying to balance it all, and it’s a struggle I
deal with every single day. I want to do it all! I’m passionate about everything in my life. Obviously my family and my
kids are my priority. I want to be that stay-at-home mom, but I want to
build an empire at the same time,” Spelling told Us Magazine.

Fans are more worried about her withering away and dying than reading another boring book about her self created crazy dramatic existence. In any case, her marriage and her body are not holding up under the pressure of her ‘to do’ list.

“Four years into a marriage, we never thought we’d be having these
issues and having problems,” Spelling says. “But you never think ahead what
it’s like to have kids, and a lot of our issues came from different view
points on parenting.”

Pictured here at HSN Live Celebrity Extravaganza at Planet Hollywood Resort Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on August 14th, Tori is looking bright and sunny in an orange day dress with heals. Still, she insists that everything is okay with her and Dean.

“We had communication breakdown, but we’ve worked through that. We’re
still working on stuff, but I think relationships are a work in
progress. It all takes work, but if you love that person, you’re willing to do the work.”