Tori Spelling Not ‘So NoTORIous’

April 21st, 2006 // 16 Comments

We were really pulling for ya Tori. After years of Lifetime and B movies we hoped that a Tori Spelling vehicle would hit a home run. Apparently all of our prayers were for-naught.

VH1 is off to a slow start in the scripted TV business with the Sunday premiere of “So Notorious.” The comedy series starring Tori Spelling drew an underwhelming 1.1 million total viewers in its 10 p.m. slot. “Notorious” represented VH1′s first attempt to veer beyond the unscripted programming it has successfully launched under the “Celebreality” banner.

While the viewer haul represented a 41% increase over the same time period a year ago, the “Notorious” launch paled compared with recent unscripted series launches on the network. “Notorious” drew a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo, about half of what “Strange Love” drew in its January premiere episode.

But VH1 is confident “Notorious” will grow as “Love” and other VH1 series have done during their runs.

More photos of Tori Spelling, after the jump.

Fox on fire in weeklong ratings [Reuters]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. prtyprincess

    Tori sooo looks like a transy

  2. hohum

    What will it take to convince the ugly and untalented offspring of mega-millionaires that we, the public, aren’t interested in their silly lives.
    Tori, get a real job or find your tarty looking self a cause. Go away.

  3. Kyle

    For what its worth and what you expect, the show is actually pretty clever. Clearly, it ain’t art, but it’s engaging enough to watch. I have it as a Tivo wishlist to see if holds up, and so far it’s been fun. I would suggest a pot cookie or the like prior to viewing, but then again, I would suggest that for any show.

  4. Me

    Give this show a chance, it’s pretty funny and Tori really laughs at herself and her life.

  5. hohum

    hmmm…well, I might have been unfairly harsh since I haven’t seen her show.
    At least she’s poking fun at herself, that’s sure something new.

  6. Draya

    Tori is as ugly as “Mannifer Aniston”. She looks like a drag queen, only more butch.

  7. Triska

    I was amazed the first time I watched it. It is really fun to watch. It’s on my Tivo list too.

  8. LadySpankington

    Yeah, I wanted to dislike the show, but ended up finding it rather funny.

    Although, I agree, she totally looks manish….

  9. Vito Knightr

    Tori is soo hot. I love her!

  10. TanyaTurner

    I love this show! While I may not agree with the quickie divorces and engagements, that doesn’t have any bearing on how funny this show really is. And unique. Those that haven’t seen it should really give it a chance.

  11. ibizagirl

    I love that show. the thing is that many people do not understand the stuff going on in the show. it is not for rednecks. lol.

  12. Brian

    The show is hysterical and clever. Give it a try.

  13. Bartelbee

    An ex of mine used to obsess over Tori in the dreaded 90210 days, and I was always like, “Ew, ICK!” I mean, I wouldn’t even know who Tori is if not for that crazy ex. Now, after watching her new show, I’m starting to warm up to her, if not already completely warmed up to her, and sort of shamefully really liking her now (eee gads, what’s the world coming to?). This show is one of the best new comedic offerings on TV right now, and I hope it continues. And Tori is actually very funny and natural in this venue. I think her comedic timing is very good, and she really shows what she’s developed throughout her crazy career. It’s actually worth watching. There’s something about the voyeuristic view into a rich celebritante’s life, where she mocks herself so blantantly, that is both hysterical and enjoyably disturbing at once. I find it very rewarding that Candy Spelling is likely shuddering in one of her mansion’s wings ruing this show’s existence, probably EBaying anything still in that house once belonging to her “beloved” daughter. Good for you, Tori! And Whoopi was, once again, too funny on this week’s episode playing a spirit cleanser! I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I hope VH1 lets this ride, because I think it could be a big hit for them. And, shamefully, I’m hooked!!! Bring it on, Tori! She’s not being shy or in denial at all, and you really have to respect that.

  14. doofus

    I gotta give this show it’s props…

    I was very skeptical about her being able to carry a show, but it IS quite funny, and she actually does make herself likeable.

    Loni Anderson is hilarious as her mom, and I love the way Tori makes fun of herself.

    For those of you who haven’t seen it, there was one bit (might have been the first show) where she was complaining that people don’t realize that she has her own money; she doesn’t go around spending “daddy’s money”…then she says “although, I did MAKE all my money by appearing on daddy’s TV shows…” and delivers the line perfectly…humbled, but with a little bit of “so what?!” attitude.

  15. alyssa

    love the show.

  16. nana

    I didnt think I would, but I like this show. It’s really funny! I would watch this over Paris’s stupid show anyday…

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