Tori Spelling Has Reconciled With Father

June 23rd, 2006 // 10 Comments

While Tori Spelling has reconciled with her ill father (he had a stroke one week after the reconciliaition), she is still estranged from her mother Candy Spelling. The rift began when Tori split from her husband Charlie Shanian after 15 months of marriage, and escalated after Tori basically made a fool out of her mother on her VH1 show NoTORIus. Candy was said to be out of town when Tori brought her husband Dean McDermott home to meet her father for the first time.

On June 11, Tori visited her father at his Beverly Hills mansion for the first time in nine months and introduced him to her new husband, Dean McDermott.

She explains, “I’m so over-the-moon that Dean and my dad finally met.” The teary reunion was prompted by her father’s ill health and helped along by Tori’s brother, Randy.

Tori adds, “It’s sad that my mother and I have the relationship we do, but you can’t pick your family. “I lost the last nine months of time with my dad because of the circumstances with my mom.”

Tori says of the reunion with her father, “It was as if a day hadn’t gone by since we saw each other.”

Spelling Reconciles with Ill Father []


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. missliss

    Daddy, please put me back in the will before you die!

  2. Sharon

    Funny, she got both: Disgusting on the outside, disgusting on the inside. Guess the Gods really did play a cruel joke on her.

    As for the tragic new husband, he will never be taken seriously in Hollywood. It was a smart thing (I guess) to set up house with a money account.

  3. Hekki

    Well, I have nothing new to add. She is an abominable person. She and that cheating metrosexual will have a wonderful time spending Aaron’s money on divorce lawyers. Or she could spend a lot of time in court battling her mother for $$$. How sad.

  4. Fabiola

    She is SUCH a stoopid cow!

  5. Tealeaf

    Tori ex-husband seems like a decent guy, but she had to dumped him to marry this fame hungry user. I think Dean is going to cheat on silly Tori, and Daddy will have to clean up the mess.

  6. las

    “Awwwww Daddy, I love you so much and I hope you pop off… um, get better soon. Here are some flowers, Daddy, from your daughter who loves you so much! By the way, how much are you leaving me, just in case you don’t make it, daddy darling? It’s just a random question, no meaning in it.”

  7. Apres Ski

    Dean is a good, solid little actor. He’s pretending to be in love with Tori. Marry her, get her pregnant and then dump her for another.

    The way in which you acquire, is the way you also lose.

    I hope Tori is prepared for the day Dean tells her he’s fallen for another woman while he’s married to her . . . and you know he will because it’s Hollyweird!!!!

    You know their kids will have her old nose . . . and his looks!

  8. What a B*tch!

    Jesus, this woman is unbelievable! I hope Aaron didn’t leave her a penny. Let’s see…it’s Mom’s fault they were estranged, it’s Dean’s x-wife’s fault the marriage broke up, and it’s the tv viewers fault her stupid show is going down the toilet.

  9. blah

    RIP Aaron Spelling. I’m glad Tori did the right thing before her father passed – I’m sure she is too. Condolences to all concerned.

  10. Ceca

    I used to know her ex-husband in New York before he even met Tori. He is a very smart, articulate and talented man. I hope that he continues to write and perform.

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