Tori Spelling Goes On Entertainment Tonight To Blatantly Shill For NutriSystem

July 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Tori Spelling (NutriSystem!) went on (NutriSystem!) and spoke about (NutriSystem) and (NutriSystem!) then (NutriSystem!) (NutriSystem!) NUTRISYSTEM!

Tori says having a baby has been “a really happy, joyful experience,” and luckily she has not experienced post-partum depression.

She was dismayed, however, to discover that after giving birth, the weight she gained during her pregnancy didn’t just disappear. It wasn’t water retention, as she had hoped. So, being a take-charge kind of gal, she searched out a weight-loss program that would work for her and taste good — yet also be safe while she is nursing the baby — and discovered that NutriSystem would fulfill her needs while fitting into her busy lifestyle, especially since the food is delivered directly to her door.

“I have lost 22 pounds, and in only four months,” reports Tori, who is now halfway to her goal of a red carpet-ready 115 pounds. “When I first started it was hard; I’ve never had to diet before. So I was like, ‘Oh, am I going to be able to stick to this?’”

Sure you are if the money’s there. Thank you, Tori Spelling and ET for bringing my attention to this miraculous weight loss program. As soon as I give birth, I will be all over it like Pete Doherty on crack! NUTRISYSTEM!


By J. Harvey

  1. kellygrrrl

    honestly, I have nothing but compassion for Tori Spelling.
    If you were raised by Mommy Dearest Candi you’d be crazy as all hell, too

  2. Margaret

    Shameless homewrecking hussy. Go away!

  3. You know whats Funny about Tori Spelling Stealing Dean (Her husband) from his first Wife? Is that up in Canada everyone thought his First wife was Gay for the longest time. She hosted a Cooking show with a Gay man for like ten years which aired on the Gay network. She is Tall and very Manly looking. Like a young Bea Arthur. I was shocked to even find out she was married let alone straight. It makes the Tori Homewrecking story so crazy.

    By the way deans first wife is now hosting a Radio show on the Canadian Gay radio station. Not that I’m saying she is gay.NO NO NO. It just one of those things that make you go hmmmm!

  4. I don’t understand why the single-woman parties (Angelina, Tori) always get blamed for all of the alleged home-wrecking when it’s the guys who were the ones who took the marital oath and broke it. It’s also strange to me that the parties who most often point the accusatory finger at Torigelina are other women. When do the men finally get to accept responsibility for wrecking their own homes?

  5. Zekers

    Lawri- you make a good point. Perhaps it’s because women by nature, can be pretty catty?
    PS. You have an interesting website-what a different idea!

    …and good for Tori, she knows how to make a buck!

  6. green cardigan

    The food is delivered to the door? I like the sound of that. Is that burnt corn on the cob on her plate in the photo? Is that what they deliver??

  7. Tori was married herself when she started up with dean. She was not a single women at all. That’s why she gets blamed

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