Tori Spelling Could Burst at Any Moment

February 28th, 2007 // 6 Comments

She’s going to burst any day now! The woman’s huge.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Tonysgirl

    She is NOT that big, she looks great!!!!

    I wish her and the new baby all the best!!!!

  2. Wendy

    You’d be that big, too, if you were giving birth to a pony.

  3. Gigi

    She’s not HUGE. I have to ask, Lauren, have you ever had a baby? Do you know what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth? If not, then please keep your blatently rude comments (“The woman’s huge.)to yourself. And if so, please remind yourself that if you had a tiny, cute little bump up until your 9th month, that you were one of the very few woman who carry their pregnancies like that.

    I always get a huge kick out of people who feel the need to comment on the size of a perfectly normal looking pregnant woman even though they’ve probably never been pregnant, and probably only known a very small handful of people that have given birth.

    Oy vey.

  4. Small Fry

    Chill out people. It’s a gossip blog. No need to get your maternity panties all in a twist….and before you go ripping me a new one, YES, I have had a kid…and no, I don’t freak when I hear someone say a pregnant lady looks huge.

    If you want serious, PC commentary go watch the news. Sheesh!

  5. torifan

    i don’t think it was intended as rude. tori’s always been so slim ,it’s weird seeing her like this lol. the idea of her having a kid is even more weird but i love tori & dean so i couldn’t be happier for them.

  6. GarykPatton

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