Tori Spelling Casts A Spell

February 10th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Thank goodness tattoo removal has become so much more advanced.

(Source: Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus

    dumb dumb dumb.

    to anyone considering it…NEVER, EVER, get someone’s name tattooed on your body, unless it’s your own, your child’s, or “Mom”.

  2. Emma in London

    Too tacky for words *sigh*

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  4. Small Fry

    This is about as dumb as tattooing Brad Pitt and Maddox on your body.

  5. King Smart Ian

    A tattoo, a mullet and a black shirt – classy!!

  6. Brad

    When I was in my 20′s I desperately wanted a tattoo. It was the hot thing to do in the mid-90′s here in the city (at least within the gay community).

    I went as far as sitting in a seat at that tattoo parlor next to the Chelsea Hotel. STOP!!!! Fast forward 10 years and I’m so thankful that I had second thoughts and didn’t go through with it.

    The moral of the story, always think in terms of short-term/long-term when making any decision. Take risks, just make them calculated risks.

  7. Madi

    millions if we divorce!

  8. Let the countdown to the break up commence…

  9. Cheesy

    How romantic! (YES, that’s sarcasm!)

    He left his wife, toddler child and newborn daughter for Tori, she left her husband, and now they can permanently mark each other because they *know* this is love.

    It’s so romantic and beautiful. Her money and fake boobs, and what she can do for his “career” probably has nothing to do with his true, deep and abiding love for her.

    I wish them EVERYTHING that they so richly deserve.

  10. Reina

    I’ve got two tats on my wrists and they don’t hurt at ALL! In fact, it’s the best place to get them!

    and 10 years after my first tat, (i’ve got five) I don’t regret it. Though I do believe that tattooing someone’s name is the kiss of death!

    And yes, I work in corporte america and have NEVER had a problem.

  11. MrsS

    yeah true. never get anyones name tattooed. sooner or later, you’re just gunna have to go through pain AGAIN to remove it >.<

  12. jodroc

    i am gonna be a big fat star, or at least a rich out of work, wallet-fucking actor.

    do you think the promise of Daddy Aaron creating a soap around this guy was part of the dowry?

    all her bad Karma is sitting on her chest. eeeewww

  13. Grace

    All I see is Aaron Spelling in a blonde wig. Damn, that girl is an ugly MoFo.

  14. Margaux

    What is Tori up to lately? Aside from getting peoples names tatooed on their various body parts, She has a new TV Show on Vh1 called So NoTORIous-a scripted autobiographical tv-show. And..Not only does she have her own tv show-she has her own Sweepstakes! All I have to say is: Want to shop like Tori?

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