Tori Spelling Brings Out The Claws

June 20th, 2006 // 33 Comments

Does Tori Spelling really want to piss of the ex-wife of her husband? Apparently she does. While presenting at the MuchMusic awards in Canada, Tori Spelling took a jab at husband Dean McDermott‘s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace. The ex is shopping a tell-all book about her marriage to Mr. McDermott, and just so happened to have been in attendance at the award show. Unfortunately she was ordered out of the building.

Spelling joked to the audience how great it is being married to a Canadian: “They’re a lot nicer and they have nasty ex-wives who write tellall books. What more could a girl ask for?” Snapped Eustace to Govani: “Welcome to my life. I’m up against a dynasty.” A disgusted Spelling told Page Six: “She plays the victim card over and over . . . It’s pathetic bordering on lunacy. I hope for the sake of her children she gains some self respect.” Tori also denied she ordered Mary Jo out.

Tori; Hubby’s Ex ‘Pathetic’ [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    HER kids? Aren’t they HIS too? I hope reality slaps this spoiled bitch in the head some day!

    • Kate crow

      Well you got the karma thing down to an art form! I’ve enjoyed what I have read! I mean about the whole Tori and Dean situation ! Well karma did come into play! I’ve read these reviews from 2006! Well it’s 2014 and guess what? He cheated on Tori! The best part, she’s keeping him around! Well in my thought , it will happen again! He’s a minupulating douche bag and Tori is an evil back stabbing bitch! She’s just like her mom! Soooooo selfish

  2. Cheeze

    Why are you telling us this. We read this web page for real DIRT not DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dq365247

    Isn’t it the latest trend? Britney, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Angelina (twice), to name a few, all started relationships with “taken” men. Maybe Whori thought it would make her totally cool like them …

  4. 3buckchuck

    She was so unecessarily ugly. She is so insecure and you can feel it, you can see it, and it’s sad because she IMO married a primo goldigga.

    Ok, that aside, forget whatever is happening between the adults, why must they exhibit so much ill will without regard for the children?

  5. Girly Girl

    Let’s give credit where credit is due: with Tori for a Step-Mommy, any notion of those kids EVER mustering ANY sizeable self-esteem is loooong goooone…

  6. Artemisia

    If Tori had any class, respect, empathy ( hear that Tori – a human emotion) she would be kind, considerate and try to be understanding with regards to Mary-Jo Eustace. Tori, yoru new husband left his wife of 12 years months after adopting a child to be with you! I mean, why
    are you publicly demeaning her? She has every right to be livid, upset, devasted and angry!

    Here in Canada honey, we are on her side, not yours. Your marriage is a sham..just you mark my words…I give it a year…Psst!

  7. GetItRight

    dq365247 said

    Keep Angelina out of that club. You need to read up on Miss Dern, and her big croc tears shed about AJ running off with her “fiance.” She wasn’t married to the man, but awfully funny that Billy Bob WAS married when he and Laura Dern hooked up, and not only that. Her present husband was not only married to someone else when she met him, but she bore him a child 5 months before Ben Harper’s divorce was final.

    On the Brad tip, Jennifer Aniston has stated multiple times that Angelina Jolie was not the cause of the marriage splitting up. She filed the divorce, and she filed it as irreconcilable differences.

    Btw, it’s no latest trend:

    People who actually DID leave marriages for the precise purpose of being with someone else:

    David & Bethsheba
    Paul Newman & Joanna Woodward
    Humprey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
    Johnny Cash & June Carter (Cash)
    Vince Glll & Amy Grant
    Steven Spielberg & Cate Capshaw

    to many to name, and no I’m not celebrating this, I’m making a point that “it isn’t something new, AND, all of these people DID end a marriage to be with another and Brad Pitt didn’t.”

  8. maryanne29

    So wrong on so many levels it makes my head hurt.

    Tori, it’s called the high road and some time in your pathetic, plastic life you should try taking it.

  9. dq365247

    Getitright: Take your own advice. 1st of all, I never said everyone was married — I said “taken.” Laura Dern has repeatedly said that she thought she was still living w/ Billy Bob when the announcement came that he & skank ho Angelina had married. If we’re to believe the press in some instances (Angelina & Brad) shouldn’t we in all cases? I was being sarcastic about it being the latest trend, idiot.

  10. krystyn

    ahahha, you people are crazy to think Angie didn’t woo Brad.

    Jen filed for divorce because her husband was with someone else already. What, would you stay married after knowing that?

    She’s a man eater. Let’s not make her into a saint.

  11. Evil On A Stick!

    Wow, Tori Spelling is one evil, nasty, heartless bee-yoch. The depth of self-centeredness is mind-boggling!

    Oh, and she’s hideous to look at, too. The recent photos of her at a party with the scumbag hubby, she has froggy eyes!

    Go Team Mary JO! I hope she bleeds the prick for a shitload of alimony and child support.

  12. Larilee

    The person who needs to get some self respect here is that bitch Tori Spelling.

  13. Trixie

    I don’t use this word lightly, but what a c**t Tori Spelling is. So the ex-wife showed up at an event she was at in the city where she lives. So what? That justifies publicly having a go at her, and suggesting SHE it pathetic? I am not judgmental about adultery — marriages grow cold, people fall in love with other peoplem, shit happens — but I do have a problem with publicly demonizing the person who was hurt and who lost the most. What a cow Tori Spelling is.

    And you know what else — Mary Jo Eustace is a thousand times hotter.

  14. jilla

    first off – Tori Spelling is pregnant. i heard it from a producer of No-Tori-Ous who didn’t know I was eavesdropping on a conversation he was having.

    secondly, I have met Mary Jo Eustace and know her work from Canada. she is a completely cool, down-to-earth woman who has been completely done wrong. give her a friggin’ break. i’m not sure writing the “tell all” book is the most productive thing to do, but i think she wants people to know the truth about what happened. and believe me, it does not shine well on Tori or her starf**cker husband.

  15. GetItRight

    Taken smaken, your point is still jacked, and my point ain’t. You got no problem calling Angelina a skank…..someone who didn’t do a damn thang wrong other than marry a man who obviously felt he was available, YET, Laura Dern gets labled the poor cheated on fiance even though she herself cheated with a married man (Billy Bob), and that one can be verified, and then cheated with another one and bore his child while he was still married. Where’s her skank label?

    I just find it amazing the double standard some people (especially women) have when it comes to certain females. It’s just impossible for some to believe that poor Jennifer Aniston was one half of a marriage that went bad, and that the two people in it decided to move on. Julia Roberts gets off scotfree and we all know the guy DID leave his wife for her and the list goes on. Jerry Seinfeld’s wife was all but married to another man a week or two before she left him for Jerry…..not a peep from the world and I just find it amazing the free pass some people get even when we DO know the irrefutable truth, while on the otherhand others get crucified based on assumption, rumor and inuindo.

  16. Actually

    GetItRight, they are all skanks. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s just that those other women aren’t as famous as Jolie and Pitt. Nobody cared.

  17. las

    Getitright, it’s easy. Insecure women connect with the plainer girl, because she’s not a subconscious threat. They don’t think of a plain girl-next-door as the threat, but the sultry vixen. (Even though it’s frequently the plain girl-next-door that’s the problem…)

    Jolie, on the other hand, is a has-it-all beauty of Lorenesque proportions. She’s naturally stunning, sexy, and a good mom to what is now three children. So insecure women feel threatened by that, attach themselves to Aniston, Dern or other plainer women, and label the beauty a ho or skank to feel superior in some way.

    And, of course, if they have ever been dumped for someone prettier, they take it out on celebrities rather than focusing their anger productively.

    That said, Tori is disgusting. She stole this woman’s husband and then sneers that she’s “playing the victim card.” She showed that she has as much class as Paris Hilton by having that woman thrown out of the place, and by using the media to further her little vendetta. Revolting.

    The only consolation the poor ex must have is the knowledge that karma will pay back Tori AND her former husband, also known as F-Ked 2.0.

  18. get your ‘Tori stole my man’ t-shirt right here

  19. Team Mary Jo

    I hope he takes her for all her daddy’s is worth. After watching her on the MMVA’s this passed Sunday and saying what she said and acting like she was with that god awful dress of hers that she mentioned might be housing one of their spawn.

    She is a terrible actress and will never make it – maybe him and her are a perfect match…they both suck.

    Mary Jo is great and I’m glad she’s back…seeing her with Ken at the MMVA’s while they workout that rumor of Tori’s restraining order. Mary Jo and Ken need to start up a show. And now is the best time to do so. Those two together were jokes!

    Mary Jo is better off…watching him as Tori was shooting off her mouth was sick. He just stood there and was laughed like she was pulling his strings. I hope she gave her monkey a banana for a job well done.

  20. angry

    Typical american, they can never understand that a married man is just that taken. I agree with mary Joe write the book.
    Tory, please as a proud canadian, dont make this affair any worse, by moving here, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  21. Chrissy

    Hey Tori Spelling: STOP HOGGING ALL THE UGLY

  22. lori

    Well Aaron Spelling had a heart attack, he wants his eyeballs back………

  23. I agree with Tori Spelling 100%. If she doesnt like the Ex then maybe it would do her some good to let out her feelings, I know I would. The Ex should move on 4get about Mr. McDermott and let him and Tori stay happily married!! Besides Tori is a sweet girl, and people she learn that!!

  24. mssoonermagic

    ‘Randall’ is this Tori Spelling in disguise? No one on earth, but her dear dead daddy and her ugly husband and her ugly big nosed self would think she is sweet. Tori is the ugliest chick to ever walk down Hollywood red carpets and the only reason she’s got acting rolse is because of her dear dead daddy and the only reason she got another women’s husband is because of her dear dead daddy’s money. She’s a paethetic looser and for the sake of her children she should give them up for adoption so a real human being can raise them.

  25. Ani


  26. dena

    Tori spelling is real cute & i love her show , no one can steal a man or woman they must want to leave that call free- will.

  27. K.A.G

    It’s only going to be a matter of time before a newer model comes along and he ditches her, too. Karma has a funny way of playing itself out like that.

  28. K.A.G

    It’s only going to be a matter of time before a newer model comes along and he ditches her, too. Karma has a funny way of playing itself out like that.

  29. K.A.G

    It’s only going to be a matter of time before a newer model comes along and he ditches her, too. Karma has a funny way of playing itself out like that.

  30. lady

    tori spelling is a bitch. eustace should have beat her ass

  31. Lin

    Tori Spelling is in the wrong here! She did not care that she was married. She did not care that Dean was married. All she cared about was getting what she wanted, regardless of anyone else’s feelings. As for McDermott, he must have extremely poor eyesight. She is hideous and it is really obvious that she has had a lot of plastic surgery on her face. Thank God the two children are, so far at least, appearing to look like him.

  32. penny

    I have got to comment on this hmmmm why is all the blame pointed at Tori seems to me there is another person at fault if not more, people don’t leave their spouses unless they are unhappy on some level ,obviously Dean wasn’t getting what he needed as for karma after reading some of these comments some should maybe be ducking cause i’m thinking karma’s headed ur way,marriages end thats life….

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