Tori Spelling Incredibly Subtle About Her Need For Work

Tori Spelling is trying like hell to secure a role on the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off that’s in the works. She’s going on and on about how her deceased father Aaron Spelling (producer of the original) would be so proud and how she’s too old to play a Mom but could be a stepmother or maybe the “funny sex-ed teacher.” Jesus, give her a walk-on already so this chick will shut it!

“The show was a huge part of my life. Ten years! I miss it dearly,” Tori said from her two room apartment where she had to move with her husband and two kids after getting her ass tossed out of Dad’s will. Fool.

Tori said all this crap while she was talking about her appearance on HSN today to hawk her jewelry. Need I say more?

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Photos: Getty Images