Tori and Dean Still Trying To Make This Show Happen

As someone who has some really bad taste in television (seriously, I’ve never missed an episode of America’s Next Top Model), even I’m flabbergasted that this show is still on the air.

Entertainment Weekley interviewed Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott about their extra desperate new season of Tori and Dean on Oxygen.  Spoiler alert: they ride around in an RV while exploiting their two young children AND their gay friends (they’re called ‘the guncles,’ people; that’s just not right).

Most hilariously (and erroneously), EW calls Tori and Dean the ‘King and Queen of Oxygen.’  I think Sue Johanson might have something to say about that.  I know I do!  Any memaw who cares as much about my orgasms as I do should be sainted, dammit!  Or at least canonized.  I dare you to disagree!

Anger residing.  Well, like I always say, reading is for suckers, so look at these pictures!  It’s Tori and Dean and their two kids, Stella and Liam, painting the picture of the perfect family, if by perfect you mean neglectful and depressing.  Enjoy!