Tori Spelling Gets Into A Car Accident En Route To Son’s School

A pregnant Tori Spelling got into a car accident with a hungry paparazzo yesterday.  On her way to drop Liam off at school, Spelling attempted to lose the paparazzi and ended up hitting a wall at her son’s school.

According to Us Magazine, Donna Martin tweeted, “Paparazzi chased me with the kids to school.  I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident.”  A source told Us that Spelling looked very shaken up.  She then tweeted, “I took down whole wall of school. He then still got out to try to get pics. Ten school moms chased him away.  What will it take? Someone dying for paparazzi to stop? Going to doctor now to check on the baby. I think it’s just shock.”

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No update on mom and baby, but we are hoping that everything is ok.

In other news, Candy Spelling finally sold the Holmby Hills home she shared with late husband Aaron (the GENIUS behind Beverly Hills, 90210, Knots Landing, Dallas, Dynasty).  Since Mr. Spelling’s passing in 2006, Candy has been trying to sell the 57,000 sq. foot home.  Her initial asking price was $150, but TMZ reports that 22-year-old “fashion designer” Petra Ecclestone bought the place (still in escrow) for $75 million.  It should be mentioned here that said fashion designer’s father, Bernie is the CEO of Formula One Management.  It’s safe to assume he’ll be helping out with the mortgage.  Oh, the parties Petra will throw in a home that boasts a bowling alley, a hair salon and room for 100 fancy cars to park.