Topless Girls Join A Mortified Taylor Momsen On Stage

If you beckon them to the stage (and invite them to “dance topless”), then you have to expect that the New York ladies will do just that.

Last Wednesday, Taylor Momsen performed with her band, The Pretty Reckless, at a Music Unities charity event sponsored by Rolling Stone.  While on stage at Dominion NYC, Momsen got rowdy and invited fans to come onstage and “dance topless.”  What Momsen forgot to mention was that she didn’t mean for them to literally come onstage and take their tops off.  According to the New York Post, Momsen covered the mic and told the ladies not to de-bra.

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Witnesses said that one lady (whom they labeled as “unattractive”), ignored Momsen and took her bra off, proceeding to dance around like she was in Ibiza.  “Momsen and her band looked really embarrassed,” someone told the Post.  While a few audience members fled the scene, celebs like Tinsley Mortimer said “topless schmopless” and continued to get their dance on.

A few days later in West Babylon, New York, Momsen decided to keep things a bit more tame and held an acoustic session instead.