Topher Grace Wants Laughs For ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ Premiere

Last night the stars of Take Me Home Tonight hit the red carpet for the premiere in Los Angeles. Producer, co-writer and star Topher Grace appeared next to Anna Faris, Teresa Palmer, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lance Bass and many more!

Grace said that he really has become addicted to laughter due to his stint performing in front of a live audience on TV”s That ’70s Show.

“Now I can’t get enough. So I figured if I made a movie comedy, that would be good for some instant gratification on the set, right? Especially if I’m the producer. The crew pretty much has to laugh at me,” he added.

The best part, though, came each morning when, after a full night’s shooting, the cast members congregated at 6 a.m. at an International House of Pancakes in Phoenix, where the film was made.

“So I’m sitting in the booth looking around me, and there’s Demetri Martin and Anna Faris, and Chris Pratt and Michael Ian Black, and especially my friend Dan Fogler … and I’m saying to myself, ‘Some day we’re all going to be telling our kids stories about making a movie that all these great, funny people were in.’ ”

Grace plays Matt, a high school dweeb now out of college and hoping to prove his cool credentials to his old classmates — and especially one girl he has long lusted hopelessly after.

So basically its another movie set in the 80s…cause there aren’t enough of those already…