Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

So last week we spent a lot of time talking about penises, and this week, Weinergate continued with a few major bombshells that you might be interested to hear about.

On Monday, Democratic NY Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted he tweeted the clothed cock shot that hit the interwebs two weeks ago. Then he said he had engaged in six sexual relationships with women online over the past three years. Then an actual cock shot was released (NSFW, obviously). The biggest shocker? His wife Huma is three months pregnant, so it’s no wonder she told the press she’s sticking by her man.

Have you lost all faith in humanity yet? That’s why we’re here! In this week’s viral roundup, we’ve got a few things that will hopefully restore your faith. Well, and a few things that won’t. I guess that’s just the way life is. Click the read more link below to check out the top 7 viral moments of the week!

This is so freaking cute, you guys. I can’t stand it! Watch as a mini-Warbler gets his Glee on.

We just love bringing you videos of news reporters slipping up. Why? Because it’s f-ing hilarious. This news anchor should be talking about summer jobs. But someone has a major Freudian slip! Hey, at least she holds it together better than this gal.

So I’m much more of a cat person than a dog person, and I used to wonder if I would become a cat lady in my older years. But then I saw this eHarmony dating video and realized I’m nowhere near close to becoming a crazy cat lady. Debbie says she wants a soulmate, but it seems like her soulmate isn’t actually human… Bonus: another girl crying over something ridiculous.

The Japanese are freaking out. And I don’t blame them. This adorable bunny was born without ears and the Japanese think it may have something to do with the nuclear contamination the region suffered after the major earthquake in March. Perhaps it’s a mutant, it’s sooo cute! Also, mutants are cool…right?

Haha. Fox News doesn’t know the difference between actual former Vice Presidential candidate/Paul Revere storyteller Sarah Palin and former SNL gal Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. Think they did it on purpose? I’m gonna say no.

Here’s some advice: if you ever get kicked out of a party for falling down in front of a famous person, GET IN A CAB. This man did not, and uh, well he did a little drunk dance all over London. (Read: cameras caught him majorly stumbling down stairs and through cobblestone streets). It’s almost funny, until you realize how many bruises he woke up with.

The music in this video is awesome. But so is something else. Watch closely.