Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

This week, Oprah aired her last show. End of an era, you guys. No more Dr. Phil, Tom Cruise jumping on couches and or free car giveaways. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on 25 years…

If you’re still sad, check out this week’s viral roundup for a litany of embarrassing moments for Britney Spears, President Obama and, of course, a TV news reporter.

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Literally Unbelievable” is my new favorite blog. Basically, it’s what happens when people think the stories on The Onion are real. Man, our country is dumb sometimes.

OK so this happened last Saturday, but it’s really great so I’m including it here anyway. What happens when you mix Andy Samberg, JT and Gaga? Pure genius.

Aaaand this is why I never wanted to be a TV reporter. This girl is clearly having a bad day. I actually feel sorry for her.

News reporter screws up, calls herself stupid on live TV from Christian Carrion on Vimeo.

So Boyz II Men were not invited to Oprah’s farewell show. So they teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel to record a new version of “It’s so hard to say goodbye.”

So this week the president went to visit the Queen of England. EUROTRIP! All was well and good until he signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey “Barack Obama 24 May 2008.” Um, Barack, you weren’t even president back then…

Remember when that Chris Crocker told us to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE? Yeah, I know, it was awhile ago. Well, now he’s telling Britney to leave the stage alone. Awkward. Sidenote: Damn Chris, this new look you’re sportin is totally working.

OK, so just in case you were living under a rock this week, the new American Idol has been named. And it’s….. Scotty McCreery. Although, as BestWeekEver said it best, his name should be Scotty McCreepy. Anyway, they put together a wall of the creepiest gifs around and it’s awesome. Take a look.