Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

Perhaps the Internet said it best: “The girl married her Prince. The bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on Earth.”

That sums up the crazy week we’ve had, right? I think everything else has pretty much taken a backseat…

So for this week’s viral roundup, we alternated between the best web moments from the Royal Wedding and the craziest things about Osama bin Laden’s death.

The Middleton family is turning out to be my favorite family ever. Like even better than the Lohan clan. First, Kate’s younger bro James has his own nude photo scandal. Then he pretended to be a lawyer to get the photos taken down. Now, a photo of Pippa Middleton with just a bra and a skirt on has made it onto the interwebs. Ahaha. Awesome.

Just minutes after the President announced that Osama bin laden had been killed in Pakistan, somebody decided to fool around with Google Maps. Since then, “Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout Compound” has amassed more than 1,200 reviews. Example: “I will never attend this place again. I had a lot more fun at Disney last March.” Basically, people have way too much time on their hands.

Oh dear, Royal Wedding memes. They rock. So you already saw how Princess Beatrice’s hat looks fab on basically everyone, but have you seen the mashups of the Royal Flower girl Grace Van Cutsem? Adorable. And hilarious.

Barack Obama totally killed it at this year’s White House Correspondents dinner last Saturday. He made jokes about Donald Trump, FOX news and, of course, the birth certificate controversy. And while you’re at it, check out Barack’s response to a joke host Seth Meyers made about Osama bin Laden. While the raid in Pakistan came after the dinner, who thinks Barack was laughing at more than just the joke?

So of course we were super excited about the Royal Wedding. But we weren’t the only ones. About 23 million Americans watched it on TV. And YouTube predicted that 400 million people tuned in online. And then there was this guy: A priest who was caught on video doing cartwheels at Westminster Abbey after the ceremony. Hahaha.

So apparently, the Janitor from Scrubs is psychic. Or maybe he just knew something the rest of us didn’t. Because back in February of 2007, he said: “In my opinion we should be looking for Bin Laden in Pakistan.” The video’s already racked up more than one million hits on YouTube. Maybe it’s time we start getting foreign policy advice from TV characters?

Who else knew about Osama’s death before you did? The Rock. Yep, Dwayne Johnson, star of The Mummy Returns/The Scorpion King/Fast Five etc. Before the media reported the news and the public went crazy on Twitter, the action star tweeted: “Just got word that will shock the world — Land of the free … home of the brave DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!” So, how’d he find out? Well, his cousin has been a Navy Seal for 13 years so that might be it. Or, ya know, The Rock shot the fatal shot himself. That’s probably what actually happened.