Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

If there’s one thing you should take away from this week, it’s that you should never leave sexual/nude photos on your phone. Like, if you have to sext, send it (to the right person!) and then delete it.

Actually, I take that back. If you’re a celebrity, just don’t have explicit stuff on your phone. At all. Because you will get hacked. This week, it was Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson who felt the wrath of the hackers. Anyway, most websites have since taken the nude ScarJo pics down, but you can find if you Google it.

But, back to reality. This week, we’ve got tons of hilarious videos and photos. Seriously, everything this week will have you on the floor with a bad case of the giggles. Click the read more link below to get started!

Remember cone-ing? Of course you do. Well, it seems McDonald’s employees are on a crusade to stop all prospective coners (?). Oh and also, apparently, anti-coning is the new cone-ing which was the new owling which was the new planking. Oh Lord, when will it end?

This is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I don’t even know how to describe it. Um, taxidermy? I give up, just watch!

Now, this is just a cute thing. Here is a slow-dancing slow Loris. It’s cute. That is all.

Last week, Gumby robbed a 7-11. Now Spongebob is getting into fights. In this case, it’s because Spongebob is actually a homeless person who poses with tourists and then begs for money. This video is truly priceless.

Oh look, Google Maps again proves it really is like Big Brother. This week, Google accidentally captured a photo of a full on naked woman at a house in Miami. Here’s the NSFW pic. Below is what currently exists on Google.

We all love Britney Spears and we all love Pop-Up video, that awesome show that aired on VH1 back in the day. Well, the show’s back and here’s their take on “Till the World Ends.”

This kid is sort of amazing. Watch him as he pretty much out-Beyonce’s Beyonce in the video below for “Irreplaceable.” You know you’re bookmarking this…