Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

Summer is over, you guys. For real this time. It’s finally September and we’re about to leave the toasty temperatures and beach days behind. Well, unless you’re from the south, in which case, I hate you.

But that doesn’t mean the ridiculousness has slowed down any. In this week’s roundup, we’ve got Kim Kardashian’s lost music video (freeze frame above), the news by Snooki and a tiny train. Click the read more link below the check it out!

First off, I guess we should talk about that Hurricane. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, but it still wreaked damage on the entire Northeast. Still, this should make you happy… it’s footage from Times Square the night of the ‘cane. If only there was sound… and he was doing a rendition of “Singing in the Rain.”

Look, I love Kim Kardashian. All she ever did was make a sex tape and she’s turned that into a multi-million dollar business. So, she’s great in my book. But this music video footage that was just recently uncovered? It is horrible, you guys. So so horrible. I can’t stand it. Like, she has better moves in that sex tape of hers. COME ON, KIM. DIDN’T YOU HAVE LIKE THE BEST PEOPLE WORKING ON THIS? Ugh. I’m just disappointed… I expected so much better from you, Kim.

Everyone knows Prince Harry got the better genes. He may not be as smart as the now wedded Wills, but he’s sort of a lot cuter. Anyway, here is a video of him dancing and then falling in a pool while partying in Croatia. His moves suck, but whatever, he’s still adorable.

And while we’re talking about pseudo-celebrities making a fool of themselves on video, the Snookster is now doing a weekly news broadcast on Cambio, a new AOL Teen website. Here, she talks about the hurricane, Beyonce and pets. Great, it’s exactly what we do here.

Remember Rebecca Black’s “Friday?” OF COURSE YOU DO! Well, the girl in pink has her own music career now. Her name is Benni and she has this new song called “Can You See Me Now.” It’s not really a very good song, but the girl’s got balls for including teenage pregnancy and cutting in her first video. Props, girrrrrl.

I’m not totally sure why local news people think it’s OK to air . Check out this video of a weatherman totally freaking out after being confronted with a tarantula. Apparently, his arachnophobia is much more important than actually delivering the weather. Best line? “Dude, that thing shoots hair at you. It’s got fangs.” The fun starts around :47.

This video may have hit the web more than a month ago, but it’s just started to blow up now. This is the world’s shortest train. Hehehe. Think it’s fake?