Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

So what dominated the news this week? Surprise, surprise! The Jersey Shore, yet again. This time, Abercrombie & Fitch told Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino they’d pay him to stop wearing his clothes.

Then Hustler told The Situation they’d pay him to wear their clothes. Now The Situation is telling Abercrombie to give him a call. Oy vey! It’s a smart publicity stunt from all parties involved, but really world, is this the best we can do?

It just gets even better in this week’s viral roundup. We’ve got a racist beauty ad, an adorable Anderson Cooper and a “Where’s Waldo” challenge (sort of). Get this party started with the read more link below.

Do you ever have a terrible case of the giggles? Well, Anderson Cooper did this week while doing everyone’s favorite segment “The Ridiculist.” The normally stern-faced news anchor couldn’t handle the number of puns in his show so he broke out in hysterics. Basically, he totally loses it on national TV. I dare you to watch this and not get the giggles yourself.

So Nivea thought they had a genius idea for their latest ad. Too bad everyone thought it was racist. The Nivea For Men’s ad shows a short-haired black man hurling the decapitated head of a black man with an Afro and beard (supposedly his former self) with the slogan “Look Like You Give A Damn…Re-Civilize Yourself.” The company has since apologized, but still. Racist or harmless fun? Sound off in the comments!

So everyone likes challenges right? Well, here’s one. Find Wall-e in this picture full of hundreds of robots.

Speaking of challenges, this guy took 65 consecutive bites of three apples while juggling them in 30 seconds, according to the info below the video. Um, cool. Wow, Brian Pankey, what else do you use those skills for?

So this is perhaps the most terrifying ad ever. Why does it seem like no one ever thinks before printing ads? Well, Trudy’s Looking Glass Salon needs your business. It would help if you were alive. Awesome.

Emma Stone is basically the ‘It Girl’ of the moment. So let’s take a look back at how she made it big. Could it have been back in 2004 when she auditioned for the VH1 reality show In Search of the Partridge Family and won the role of Laurie? Nah, she’s not all that remarkable here. Actually, she looks strangely the same. What do you guys think?

And finally, here is a video of a baby hedgehog having a bath. You’re welcome!