Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

This week, London was all the rage. Rioters and looters descended on the area of Tottenham. But as usual, Americans were more concerned with watching the newest season of the Jersey Shore, which hit the small screen last week. Typical.

So we’re giving you what you want. In this week’s roundup, The Situation tries to hit on Jesse Eisenburg, Harry Potter gets nasty and Kanye West embarrasses himself yet again. Click the read more link below to check it out!

So on Tuesday’s Tonight Show, The Situation tried to put the moves on Jesse Eisenburg, who stars in the new movie 30 Minutes or Less. It doesn’t work. Wonder why Snooki fell for his charms…

One of these days, cat videos won’t be cute anymore. Good thing we aren’t there yet. Enjoy watching this kitty change a tire!

For their 100th YouTube video, a father interviewed his one-year-old son and asked tough questions (like, “what’s it like being stuck at home with mom all day?”). Here’s the totally amazing result. Definitely worth all four minutes.

Here is a Trivia Pursuit question about Harry Potter that is, uh, hard. Hard to answer, I mean. It says: “What is eleven inches long and boosts Harry Potter’s popularity with the girls at Hogwarts?” Hahaha. Look, I know the answer should be “wand,” but that doesn’t really make sense. What answer would you go with?

Kanye West performed in Norway this past Tuesday and had quite the misstep. The rapper told the crowd, “I can’t move around as much as I normally do, cause it’s slippery like a motherfucker out here tonight! If I fall someone will film it and it will be all over YouTube and CNN” And then the unthinkable happened… Skip to 4:43 to see the magic unfold.

I’d like to give Arnold Schwarzenegger the benefit of the doubt, but he’s just an asshole. This week, he went biking and wore a shirt that said “I survived Maria.” Classy stuff. Apparently, the governator got the shirt last fall when Maria’s staff created it during his going-away party. Doesn’t really seem like the best time to wear it though… Amirite?

And finally, this was posted a few years ago, but it’s probably my favorite video on the interwebs right now. Watch what happens when a goat wears a scary mask…