Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

REBECCA BLACK IS BACK, you guys. This week, she came out with a new video called “My Moment.” It’s all about how she’s famous right now and how everyone loves her, bladdity blah.

No Rebecca, this is not your moment. Unless your moment includes extensive mockery (apparently, more than 100,000 people ‘thumbed down’ the video within the first day).

Anyway, brave the heat with this week’s roundup: we’ve got a special version of “My Moment” and a whole bunch of adorable stuff to counter that monstrosity. Click the read more link below to check it out.

So this is what Miss Rebecca Black sounds like without auto-tuning. I don’t even know what to say…

Have you been following the news? Rupert Murdoch is in a whole lot of trouble because one of his newspapers has been hacking a bunch of phones. Anyway, he was testifying in court the other day and someone threw a shaving cream pie at him. Haha. Here’s what the pie thrower looked like after. NO ONE MESSES WITH MURDOCH.

Justin Timberlake
is adorable. He went on Jimmy Fallon and the two rapped about the history of hip-hop. Watch it.

This is just pathetic. This woman is not smarter than a fifth grader. Actually, she’s not smarter than a first grader. She makes me hate America.

Porcupines aren’t usually the cutest animals around. BUT, this one dances salsa so…

I can’t figure out if this is some sort of sick joke or if it’s actually real. Some guy on the internet got one of those decode letter security things and this is what it said. Uhhhhh.

Here are some adorable kittens on turntables. Happy Friday!