Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

I know, I know, all anyone has been talking about this week is Harry Potter. Because apparently nothing else matters when the biggest film of the year is about to come out.

Except other things do matter. Like the debt ceiling. And the fact that Netflix upped their prices 60 percent and people were NOT happy. OK fine, go back to updating your Facebook about how awesome the last HP movie was.

In this week’s roundup– dirty dwarves, things related to Harry Potter (obviously) and Australian people being cute. Click the read more link below to check it out.

is on Twitter, you guys! And boy is he an asshole.

And speaking of amazing Harry Potter related items, this is my favorite new Tumblr. It’s mind boggling how good looking Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) has become. What do you guys think?

No one ever said Michelle Bachmann was a genius. And she doesn’t pretend to be. So I guess it’s fine that she doesn’t know how to pronounce Yiddish words, right?

So this is what our world is coming to? How sad. A teacher is using the Angry Birds as inspiration for a test question. What’s next? Analyzing Snooki’s book for a lit class?

Here is a video of a group of dancing dwarves called Those Funny Little People on America’s Got Talent. It’s pretty strange.

This is a really tight dress that you should wear clubbing. Of course, it has Steve Buscemi’s face on it so, uh, I’d pair it with some sexy heels. Seriously though, this dress is $100 and it’s a great investment if you want a) a conversation starter and b) no guy to ever hit on you again. Too bad it’s sold out.

People in Australia are absolutely adorable. Here is part of a newscast about a shark that may or may not be in a lake. There are dirty jokes! And ducks! And Australian accents (duh)!