Top 7 Viral Moments Of The Week

This week was full of shockers. Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe revealed his battle with alcohol. Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty after a murder charge was brought against her, is turning out to be the O.J. Simpson of our generation. And finally, President Obama held his Twitter town hall meeting and used the word ‘Internets’ signifying just how old/technologically incapable he is. See, the Internet really is taking over, you guys. And the President can’t even keep up.

In this week’s viral roundup, we’ve got a tasteless tweet (of course), a cat video (the usual) and something truly inspirational bound to make your weekend better.

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Videogum called this video “as close as we have yet come to a perfect Internet video.” I agree. Watch it. There’s a little girl! And a cat! And a trampoline!

This guy lost his leg to cancer in 2009. Now he’s doing backflips. Is it possible to be inspired and realize how pathetic your life is at the same time?

So USA Today printed printed this in their weather section recently. I’m usually the most oblivious person ever, but uh, does this look a little inappropriate to you? No? Oh sorry, I still think ‘that’s what she said’ jokes are funny.

The NYC subway must be what hell is like. There are rats. A man who voraciously licks shoes. And apparently a woman taking a full on shower. Be warned: this is NSFW.

You might have heard Casey Anthony was found innocent on Tuesday. And of course the Twitterverse went crazy. Too bad bakery company Entenmann’s forgot to turn on the news. Or, ya know, look at their Twitter feed. Because they didn’t bother checking what the #notguilty hashtag was about, they tweeted the following around the time the verdict was announced:

This is a goose parade. It’s cute. Happy Friday!

You know what else is cute? Jake Gyllenhaal. He decided to guest star on Man Vs. Wild (don’t ask me why), and here, he falls in a snow hole. Somehow, he is still adorable.