Top 6 New Shows of This Season

How many times have you become invested in a new TV show and it’s characters only to have it taken away from you like candy from a newborn? Some are very deserving of getting the boot (Work It, The Playboy Club) and others just get caught up in the jumble. The landscape of television is a rough place to make a home. For most great TV ideas, there are about 50 better concepts. Only a select few make it to pilot and an even smaller amount of those make it to a full season.

With the resurgence of storytelling in television over the last decade, the competition is more fierce than ever for TV survival with some more cut out for the fight than others. It takes a a great, relatable concept, fresh and interesting characters, and maybe a star to get devoted fans on board. But there are some shows that find the right combination of all of these elements that put themselves immediately ahead of the pack. Will they be around for a second season? Only the top network execs know at this point. But regardless if they’ve been picked up yet or not, we’ll know by the end of May what the fates of our favorite shows are. Launch the gallery to see the Top 6 freshmen programs this seasons. Did your favorite make the list?

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