Top 5 Reasons Heidi Klum and Seal Split

Heidi Klum's Pumpkins!
Klum shows off her seasonal pumpkins
Late Sunday night, TMZ broke news that super model and Project Runway star Heidi Klum and husband, Seal split after seven years of marriage!

While we just tallied the Top 10 celebrity splits of 2011, this will sure land somewhere on 2012’s list (pending they don’t reconcile). Adding to the list of celebrity marriages gone bad that seems to be tripling as we speak, one has to wonder what went wrong with the publicly affectionate twosome!

And although Seal’s been seen still sporting his wedding ring, here’s some thoughts as to why the split might’ve happened:

1. Klum could not handle Seal’s temper anymore.

TMZ reports Klum couldn’t tolerate Seal’s anger issues anymore and that it was affecting the children.

2. Overcompensation. The overtly kiss-and-tell couple even starred in Seal’s 2010 Secret music video. Think: naked, intertwining legs.


New York psychotherapist and Make Up, Don’t Break Up author, Bonnie Eaker Well, said in an interview with USA Today that, “Overcompensation is because they want to prove not only to themselves but to the rest of the world that everything is fine” and “It’s like a tease.” Think, the guy who makes sexually suggestive comments about his wife at a dinner party. “That’s the couple that’s not having sex at all,” said Well.

Somehow their brood seems to make this statement questionable. Klum and Seal have four children together: Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5 and Lou, 2.

3. Awkward renewal of vows, including last year’s mask and pirate’s headdress.

Chesapeake, Va.-based marriage and family therapist and Beliefnet blogger, Linda Mintle, said the unusual annual renewal of vows might’ve been “an attempt to get back on track every year, to get them focused on the marriage.”

4. The Seven Year itch.

Mintle further attribute the break-up to the “Seven Year itch,” – “If you look at the research, they’re at the really pivotal point when more than half of divorces happen, at the seven-year period,” Mintle says. “What that usually means is those seven years were not great.”

5. A major height difference.

Just kidding! While the super model stands at 5’9″, the singer trumps her at a tall 6’3″.