Top 10 Coachella Acts to Look Out For

Coachella 2012
Celebs enjoy day 1 of the music festival.
Coachellaaaa! The annual gathering of music enthusiasts and celebrities alike showcasing the hottest and up-and-coming music acts of the moment. Set in Indio, California, Coachella is the place to be and the hottest destination of the spring season. Now that the festival has been split into a two weekend event, there are even more opportunities to keep up with the plethora of talent showcasing their best music. Attendees can camp out to be the closest to the stage or be filthy rich and have a personal bungalow built on site. Has someone done that yet? We totally would.

The weather can reach a sweltering 110 degrees which is probably a reason the shorts are so short and the hip hats are so abundant. Who wants to walk around aimlessly looking for the correct venue to watch their favorite band? That heat can make you have crazy hallucinations, like thinking you saw the resurrection of 2Pac or something. Here are the top 10 acts this year (launch the gallery to check them out), when you can spot them, or what songs you need to have of theirs if you can’t make it to the festival.

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