Top 10 Celebrity Pooches

Hot Guys With Dogs
17 photos of shirtless guys with dogs.
Remember the days when Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were famous for introducing the world to the small-dog-as-an-accessory fad? Young socialites weren’t complete without a tiny animal attached to them as often as their clutch. Say what you want about those small doggies, but you know you thought they were adorable once you realized they weren’t overgrown rats. Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas everywhere were glad to have new spokesdogs outside of the star of Taco Bell commercials. Definitely an upgrade. Nowadays, some dogs are as famous as their celebrity owners, being featured on the cover of their books as well as on the magazines they shoot photos for. The paparazzi are quick to catch a glimpse of celebs, who are pretty much God-like in the eyes of the public, engage in mere mortal activities such as dog-walking. Some of these pooches have even accumulated fans via they’re own  twitter accounts! We still don’t know who actually manages said accounts, but no one in their right mind actually thinks it’s these adorable muts do they? Let’s hope not. Launch the gallery to learn more about the Top 10 Celebrity Dogs and the owners that love them and pick up their poo.