Miss Hap: The Top 10 Beauty Queen Scandals Of All Time

Whether or not you sat through the seemingly-endless Miss USA pageant Monday night, rife with plastered-on smiles, faux-best-friendships, and enough makeup for a whole season of RuPual’s Drag Race, it is evident that the best part of beauty pageants happens after the winner is crowned.

Following their win, some pageant winners (and often, subsequent losers) are victims of the infamous beauty queen scandal, ranging from an inappropriate photo or two to a whole buffet of criminal behavior.

Although, thankfully, none of the stars of Toddlers and Tiaras have made our list yet, these seemingly good girls gone bad help tarnish the image of perfectly polished pageant contestants and make the affairs even more exciting.

Here they are, in no particular order. Click the gallery to find out which beauty queens were crowned “Miss Haps,” winning a spot on our list of the best beauty queen scandals of all time.