‘Too Much Information’ For Ryan Reynolds And Anna Faris

For me, there is never too much information when it comes to Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris. However, Universal Pictures thinks these two funny-bugs are a sure-fire combination for a new comedy entitled just that, (“TMI”).

With the management recently changing hands (after a series of box office flops), “TMI” will mark the first purchase since Adam Fogelson and Donna Langley took over Universal Pictures.

The story of “TMI” basically revolves around the idea that being honest is usually the best policy, however “too much information” is generally a relationship killer. I really don’t need an entire movie to tell me what I already know, but if Ryan goes shirtless, I’ll probably cough up the ten bucks and see what’s in store.

Gallery Info: Ryan Reynolds does some shopping at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, California before taking off on his classic motorcycle. Reynolds shows off his good fashion sense as well as his gold double wedding band.  – 11/16/09.