Too Many Divorces, Too Little Time!

Hard-working gossipmongers that we are here at ASL, we find our heads spinning these days, as we try to keep up with all the high-profile celebrity divorces taking place in the news. What with our girl, Brit-Brit finally getting wise and the Reese and Ryan bombshell still spreading its mushroom cloud across the blogosphere, we’d nearly forgotten about the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills saga. Luckily, TMZ has been keeping an eye on those feuding Brits for us:

Heather Mills is set to break her silence in an exclusive interview with “EXTRA,” her first time talking on-air since her split. Mills set off a paparazzi frenzy after landing at LAX last night. Sir Paul’s estranged wife arrived stateside amidst a messy divorce from the former Beatle.

The interview is set to air on Extra next week and we don’t know about you, but the prospect of some good trash-takin’ has us all a-tingle.

Written by Lisa Timmons

(Splash News Online)

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