Too Cute: David Beckham Sits On The Wife’s Lap At Soccer Game [PHOTOS]

Now that New York Fashion Week is over, Victoria Beckham can go back to being the hot wife of the even hotter footballer, David Beckham.  Yesterday (September 23rd), the Beckhams brought their folding chairs to Brooklyn and Romeo’s soccer games.  At one point, Becks sat on Posh’s lap (don’t crush the Spice Girl!), which I found downright adorable.

According to Celeb Baby Laundry, a source told England’s Closer Magazine (not the one that printed those pictures) that the Beckhams plan on renewing their vows: 

They’re talking about doing ‘something special’ with friends and family. They’ve endured a lot over the years and both agree it would be a lovely thing for the kids to be a part of. Victoria’s on a real high at the moment.

She’s calling it a ‘blessing with vows’ and the plan could be to go back to Ireland where they wed and also do something on their LA estate. They’re thinking mid-October, possibly with the same reverend who married them and christened Brooklyn and Romeo.

She can’t wait to renew their vows and doesn’t care if it might look like odd timing after the affair rumors – she says they’ve got nothing to hide and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, anyway… Her success has been a real boost to her self-confidence.

You guys!