Too Cool! ‘Gangnam Style’ Halloween Light Show! [VIDEO]

Gangnam Busters
Gangnam Style vs. Ghostbusters equals magic.
Supernatural Style
The Supernatural cast takes on Gangnam.
Halloween Cocktails
Enjoy yummy cocktails for 150 calories or less!
Everyone getting sick of “Gangnam Style” yet? It has been popping up everywhere. Ellen DeGeneres has had something related to it on her show numerous times, celebrities are tweeting about it, and the video hits just continue to rise exponentially. Right now it’s sitting at over 531 million views! Not too shabby for a video released just three months ago!

Honestly, I can’t understand more than half of the song. Psy could be saying how much he hates everyone except the sexy ladies (which he’s obviously not) and I’d never know the difference. Does anyone actually know what his song says, or is it still a mystery?

Regardless of how you feel about the song, you have to check out this glorious Halloween themed light show! At first I was a little bewildered. What exactly could be interesting or exciting about lights on a house? To me, it sounds a little mundane, but the results were anything but.

The creators were either innovative, or they just have too much time on their hands. Either way, they made light and music magic.

Am I the only one who can’t help but think, “wow I wonder how much their electric bill is?” Probably but that’s okay!

Check out the absolute beauty these people created! You won’t be disappointed at all! Let us know what you think in the comments below.