Tony Parker Wants To Play In New York

According to the old ball and chain, actress Eva Longoria, Tony Parker wouldn’t mind a more New York-ie change of scenery.

‘Tony Parker’s wife, actress Eva Longoria, was overheard last night saying the San Antonio point guard wants to come to the Big Apple.

The couple was at sold-out Red Bull Arena last night in Harrison, N.J., to watch their friend Thierry Henry and the Red Bulls lose 1-0 to the L.A. Galaxy.

Asked if Parker’s presence meant he was coming to New York, she responded, “No, we’re just here watching [Henry].”

Asked if her husband wanted to come to New York, she quickly flashed a smile, nodded her head and said, “Yes.”‘

Thus spaketh the New York Post.  It turns out that there are a bunch of actual sports-related reasons why Tony would be well suited in New York, but who gives a shit.  This isn’t ESPN, people.

Besides, aren’t these two busy thinking about babies?  And having month-long birthday parties?  Basketball is the least of their problems.

Speaking of which, here they are with Theirry Henry again (third wheel much, Theirry?) at a USA vs France basketball game in New York Sunday.  Really?  USA versus France?  In basketball?  I keep picturing Inspector Clouseau and Cato pummeling each other at the three point line.