Toni Braxton’s New Single is “Unbreak My Bank”


The Atlanta-based R&B singer appears to be experiencing some financial difficulties at the moment. Toni Braxton was sued on Friday for breach of contract, after a check she’d written to a costume designer bounced, leaving the designer without payment for work done on Braxton’s Las Vegas show, “Toni Braxton: Revealed.” Actually, it’s less likely that Braxton is hard-up for cash and is more likely that she’s just not interested in paying the designer for whatever reason, since her splashy Vegas show has been extended to February 2008. According to E!:

Plaintiff Anthony Franco, who says he designed the entire wardrobe for Braxton’s standing act at the Flamingo Hotel, claims he has only collected $20,000 of the $35,000 that’s owed to him and that the check he tried to cash was returned for insufficient funds because the defendants put a stop-payment on it.

This is random, but does anyone remember the Braxtons? My sister totally bought their album when it came out and I believe that I remember seeing one of Toni’s sisters on the “Starting Over” house. That was back when I was unemployed and watching lots of network daytime TV and I remember thinking that I really wanted to go on there. Um…are they still accepting applications? I’m pretty sure I could still blog from inside, AND get my daddy issues cleared up.

More photos of a performing Toni Braxton are after the jump.