Toni Braxton’s Ass Kicks Off The Official Opening Of Adidas Of Football

June 12th, 2006 // 18 Comments

The Adidas World of Football is a 40,000 square meter football park in front of the German parliamentary building. The heart of the site is the replica of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium which will provide almost 10,000 fans with a unique public viewing experience at all games of the 2006 FIFA World Cup(TM). Toni Braxton and Il Divo performed the song during the kick off ceremony, and the wind got a hold of Toni Braxton’s skirt and gave the soccer fans a little show.

More of Toni Braxton’s skirt mishaps, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. J

    at least she has a nice-looking butt. and i’m a straight woman.

  2. Now that’s hot.

  3. Jennifer

    She looks fantastic though!

  4. jen

    how refreshing to see someone wearing actual underwear.

  5. Lollipop

    butt floss in the back, control top in the front! didn’t know they made ‘em this way, but it’s about time, huh?

  6. C

    The color of the underwear isn’t great – you can see it in the first shot beaming out from underneath her dress. HOWEVER, at least she’s wearing some and dammit, her butt looks fantastic. Nice to see a real woman’s butt instead of that flabby thing that Paris totes around.

  7. “that flabby thing that Paris totes around”

    That comment just made my day, Paris and flab, it’s kind of oxymoronic, I mean, she’s the definitive stick insect.

  8. doofus

    well, at least it was a NICE ass…as most of you pointed out.

    damn, I wish MY butt was that round.

    Ms. Braxton’s is MUCH nicer than J.Lo’s, and J.Lo is KNOWN for her ass.

  9. Toni fan

    Toni looks great. Her backside is very shapely, and don’t forget that she is a mother.

    Black women are overall more muscular than other women. That’s one reason why so few end up with osteoporosis or bone thinning when they’re old. When they are in shape, they are very curvy and strong.

  10. ana

    Speaking of World Cup, are you going to include more Cristiano Ronaldo pics? Please do!

  11. Tine

    Is Toni a transvestite?

  12. ji

    nice body !
    but i think j-lo body is more femenine and sexy

  13. JJ Walker

    Tine is your mother a tranvestite, you idiot!

  14. jolierancher

    How nice to see the homophobic drag-queen look alike making a comeback.

    I thought she pulled a Donna Summer and alienated her fan base with anti-gay remarks in the mid nineties.

  15. JJ Walker

    jolierancher, your mother is a homophobic drag queen so is your ugly ass grandmother!

  16. Pro Toni & JLO

    Toni does have a great booty and nice body, but yea, JLO has more sex appeal. First of all, Toni has had her looks altered by at least a nose job. I liked her face better before, even though her nose was shorter and wider. She looked more exotic. I also don’t like her choice of wigs. Maybe it’s the color, but they look too fake.

    Jennifer (when she’s thin) has a flat, tiny waist and prettier legs and feet in heels. JLO also has attitude, and that really makes her sexy.

  17. PM

    Pro Toni & Jlo:

    Have you seen Jlo’s feet. one word….NASTY!!!!

  18. sarah

    homegirl Toni is IT!

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