Toni Braxton – Mariah Carey Cat-fight

November 30th, 2005 // 10 Comments

What happened behind the scenes between Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton at the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons? Sources close to Atlanta Gossip (AG) says that the two pop divas had an altercation after Mariah spilled beer on Toni’s boots and walked away without an apology. To top it off Carey called the boots cheap. “Did those come from Payless?” she said.

The singers were on hand to perform two songs at halftime at the nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game where Braxton sung the national anthem. Sources close to the Braxton camp say that Toni was really upset about the whole incident, but brushed it off her shoulder to go on and belt out the anthem.

(Source: Atlanta Gossip)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Yes these boots came from payless…yours are on sale!

  2. bunny

    sadly, in the battle of the hideous footwear … there are no winners.

  3. Gossip Guru

    I think Mariah is a fucking mess, but I think this story is total bullshit. I really doubt Mariah was drinking beer. If they sais hse spilled some cristal on Toni’s boot, then I would belive the story.

  4. GirlyGirl

    LMAO bunny. So sad. So true.

    I cant stop watching Mariah Cary. Its a slow-mo car crash. Just when I think she cant possibly get any cheesier, any more ‘bridge and tunnel,’ she puts on shit like that hideous outfit and my faith in the sanctity of GOOD personal stylists is instantly renewed.

    I love Toni- she can sing. But you KNOW Mariah would go ghetto on her ass and tear up some shit.

  5. Chikita

    Mariah is getting fat, or “built” some will say, but whatever, I don’t like built women, and I never liked Mariah in the first place, so now I get the opportunity to laugh at her and brag about how better my body looks (without a pv trainer). And she should be embarrassed to show up in public dressed like a cheap whore from the 80′s (or 70′s) and she’s in no position to put down other ppl’s style because she looks like crap herself.

  6. ortem

    mc was never a small girl… now she doesn’t care and she shouldn’t… her weight is not the issue she is just extreemly tacky

    bottom line… she has talent, though I am not sure if she can still hit that ear splitting note anymore (thankfully)

  7. ortem

    and the boots are horrid toni… I would have spilled beer (??) on them as well

  8. James

    In a fight, I think Mariah would win. She’s ruthless and probably packing box cutters and razor blades.

  9. braindeadmonkey

    That outfit is positively hideous. If I were as big as MC and suddenly found myself wearing that monstrosity out in public, I’d kill myself.

  10. This is a comment to Ortem about Mariah never being small. No offense but you must not know much about Mariah. She is very tall, almost 6ft in her stocking feet and when she 1st came out she was very small. She had no boobs, hips, butt, thighs or anything. Check out her 1st video, Vision of Love, you will see exactly what I mean.

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