Tommy Lee…Well, You Know.


Isn’t he back with Pam, sharing the love and the hep? Tommy Lee was in full force the other night at Las Vegas’ Tao, trying to land supermodel May Anderson. She wasn’t having it. Oh, and get this – May goes out with Kid Rock. What is his weird obsession with Kid Rock’s women? Is it because they were both married to Juggs? Why doesn’t Tommy go for Kid? I think he has a man-crush on that greasy-haired rat.

For hard rocker Tommy Lee, sharing Pamela Anderson with Kid Rock wasn’t enough. Spies at the Victoria’s Secret party at Tao Beach in Las Vegas the other night said Lee was vying for Rock’s Danish vixen, May Anderson, all night. “He was desperately trying to talk to May,” said one onlooker. “Tommy even sent members of his entourage over to ask her to join him at his table.” Our source said the leggy lass refused his advances and instead opted for the polite conversation of Heidi Klum and Karolina Kurkova.

That must have been some scintillating, Tolstoy-discussing conversation. It went like this -

May: I’m so hungry
Heidi: Stay strong.
Karolina: I had a pretzel stick today.
May: You pig!
Karolina: No, no! One of those tiny ones. Not the big ones. Tiny!
Heidi: And the salt?
Karolina: I scraped it off. But I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.
Heidi: You should have had salt, and not eaten pretzel. Salt would have absorbed the water, so you weren’t so disgustingly bloated! You puffer fish! Sow!
May: I’m so hungry.