Tommy Lee Gets Flirty and Brags About His Man-Lingerie Line? Wha…?

Ah, Tommy Lee, still using those Middle school flirting techniques that were he not a rock star with an big ol’ penis and bank account, might not be so successful in the real world. The New York Post says that Lee was at the nightclub Home, when he found himself falling head over dick for his cocktail waitress.

“He was obsessed with her,” we’re told. “He kept telling her about a new line of lingerie for men and his new perfume line. Tommy said that guys need to do more role- playing.”

Ha! Using the ol’ “lingerie-for-men” pick-up line. Oh Tommy, you’re so predictable! As for the role-playing, I wonder if he’d find it a turn-on to try and play the role of a grown-up. That could be hot.