Suri Cruise Gets Lighter Hair For The Summer Look

May 4th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Aww, Suri’s winking at us. Here’s the happy Cruise family in NYC and with that light-brown hair she’s got going on, she looks like the only one in her family who’s breaking the whole dark brown hair mold. Every little rebellion will count in that family. Run, Suri, run!

During Tom’s interview with Oprah, he told the talk show host that his biggest frustration with the media has been concerning talk about his young daughter, Suri. He said, “When someone compares your daughter to Rosemary’s Baby,” and continued by saying, “It’s one thing to say things about me but when it’s about my children or my family, that is off the charts.”

Interestingly enough, during the interview, Katie (or Kate, as Tom calls her) decided to head out of the house to give Oprah and Tom alone time. We need to get a hold of Katie to see if their stories match up.


More photos of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in New York City are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. kari

    What I want to know, is when are they going to wean that kid off the baby bottle?

  2. Stephen

    is Tom Cruise stupid? If someone refers to Suri as Rosemary’s baby it’s not an attack on Suri, it’s an attack on Cruise. Way to not get a reference.

  3. Kristie

    Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that they would bleach a little kid’s hair? What kind of parents color their kids hair? ??

  4. laliason

    I dont think they dyed Suri’s hair. I remember Katies hair being alot lighter when she was younger. Maybe she dye’s hers? Plus, kids hair color changes and does not always match their parents. When I was little, I was a platinum blonde, up until I was about 10. Now my hair is almost as dark as Tom’s.

  5. wednesday

    It’s not like this couple hasn’t publicly done, created a million things to prove they are witless, unnatural and probably mad!

  6. Kristie

    laliason, her hair has definitely changed colors almost overnight. Here’s a pic that shows a before and after.

  7. les

    They do live in California. When I was younger, my hair would bleach immediately when it got warmer. Everyone jumps on the negative bandwagon with these two. It really gets old.

  8. V.C.

    Birthday party a week or so ago with dark hair – now this. Don’t think it’s the sun! How totally ridiculous!!!

  9. Applespice

    Kari- wondered about that too. I’ve noticed they always use ones with drop-ins too, which kind of freaks me out b/c I associate that with newborns.

    I figured she’d at least be to the sippy cup stage at this point… how old is she exactly? 2? Isn’t 12-14 months when you start to take them off the bottle? I know it varies by kid but I thought that was the average.

  10. that is so NOT an over night picture. She looks a bit older in the pic on the right and her is longer in the one on the right too.

    when is everyone going just get over it!

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