Weird Double Date With Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes And The Seinfelds

January 16th, 2008 // 9 Comments

I don’t think there’s enough wine. Observational humor, Stepford Wife, and nutty Scientology queen? Actually, sitting at the NEXT table might be interesting. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dined out with Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld in NYC last night at Sfoglia. So f*cking what? Supposedly, Jerry cracked jokes and Katie entertained with her “animated storytelling”. Hold the phone, there is nothing animated about that chick lately. Except maybe the control chip in her neck. She probably sat quietly with her head down, and once in awhile Tom would turn to her and say “right, Katie?” and she would nod submissively. Ugh, free yourself woman! Katie did something hot earlier in the day. She went to Mood for fabric! Just like on ProjRun. She picked out some material to make suits for her and Tom. Spacesuits for when the mothership pulls in.

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Photos: Splash

By J. Harvey

  1. Bill Cosby

    I think Seinfeld would’ve been a funny show if the cast were wacky Scientologists instead of annoying Jewballs.

  2. Chaz

    Cruise now looks less weird than his wife, who was once a beautiful girl. Sad.

  3. Bill Cosby

    I think Seinfeld would’ve been a funny show if the cast were wacky Scientologists instead of annoying Jewballs.

  4. JanetPlanet

    This is not as bad as the date the CEO from PlanetOut will have with the unemployment line.

    Planet OUT, OUT Magazine and the Advocate went dark this week! The company told its employees that they will no longer hold earnings conference calls or give future guidance. From here on out, all communications with investors will be made through its SEC filings. PlanetOut, which has hired Allen & Co. for the process, warns it is

  5. Joxe Arkaitz

    It’s hilarious to see how easy is to brainwash people. Apparently someone has been busy inventing nonsenses about Tom Cruise and throwing them to the press people for years and it’s Andrew Morton’s turn now – the man just invented a Tom Cruise biography which is to say a lie-ography. The funniest thing of this all is that the media believe the lies and publish them and part of the public fall in the trap too. I wonder who is crazy here… We have seen so many lies published about Tom Cruise in the last couple of years like the placenta story and that Suri didn’t exist that I wonder how some people can still believe those crazy stories… What’s next? That Katie Holmes is actually the daughter of Snow White? Or that Tom Cruise was made of wood and then became human like Pinocchio? Any media reporting those lies should be ashamed. And the people believing them should seriously worry about their mental health.

  6. Darth Paul

    TAKE NOTE: A compliment for Tom Cruise- I love his sweater/tie combo. That’s probably the last one I’ll even utter.

  7. }:D

    Hey, Joxe Arkaitz,
    I seriously worry about your mental health. Let me take you to a good psychiatrist!

    [Joxe Arkaitz--screaming in horror--runs away to Scientology Centre and hands over $1000.]

  8. kimbo

    Anyone ever notice that Katie doesn’t show her teeth anymore when smiling? She just has the pressed-lips mysterioso look.

    Did she learn that at the Scientology Celebrity Center?

    Or perhaps there are radio implants in her incisors.

  9. CAS

    Tom and katie have to be the most annoying couple around. I see no personality in her. If dawson creek is her claim to fame. Thats pretty bad. Maybe her wacko husband should implant an acting chip in her.

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