TomKat Makes Out At Baseball Game In Front Of Children

March 20th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Poor Connor (shown above) is scarred for life. The couple sure do make out a lot in public. I’m sure you’ll notice that Tom’s lips are pursed shut in the above episode. I’m sure this is to help avoid getting any girl germs.

We’d also like to clear up a few errors in Page Six’s most recent mention of A Socialite’s Life. While we appreciate the mention, we’d like to remind the editors of Page Six that our web address is not Also, we have a portion of the South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet” on the site, and not the whole episode. We’d like the fifteen minutes back that we spent responding to inquiries as to where the whole episode was on the site.

More photo of Tom, Katie and the kids, after the jump.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    Pretty much the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen. Cruise is a terrible actor on and off the screen.

  2. C

    Holy geez

  3. M

    is that a pack of cigarettes in her hand in the 3rd shot??

  4. Maggie

    Katie-Kate looks so cute and happy here–Yay for babies! Tom seems to have memorized the wrong script for this scene, and is forced to bumble through as (gasp) himself. Fist pumping ensues. How very awkward for everyone.

  5. Snobetty

    how far along is she suppose to be? ive
    had two babies and would think that she
    would be “dropping” by now, but then maybe
    aliens are different?

  6. my2cents

    They seem happy….I guess that’s really all that matters.

  7. doofus

    how freakin’ desperate for people to believe do you have to be to suck face at a kids’ sporting event?

    I don’t care WHO you are, that’s inappropriate. it’s something parasite hilton would do.

    to my2cents…I have to disagree. “seeming” happy isn’t all that matters…BEING happy is what matters.

    and in the pics I’ve seen of Katie when she’s not with Tom or one of her scientology handlers, she looks miserable and lonely.

  8. susiegrl

    Katie-Bot2000 is fully charged and ready to party!
    “There now Katie-bot2000, that wasn’t so bad was it? If you’re a good little bot, I might just let you play with your E-Meter later! Wouldn’t that be fun? Now go and plug yourself in and sit in the chair like a good little Katie-Bot2000!”

  9. Cheesy

    Tom is so self-absorbed in his latest role as he-man and sperminator that he really doesn’t even care about his own kids, does he?

    How very, very sad and pitiful that he feels the need to fake maul Katie at every turn, and sticking it in the face of his kids.

  10. Jackie O

    No chemistry, AT ALL.
    Of course they “seem” happy. He thinks he’s getting away with something, and she’s being paid to seem happy.

  11. Small Fry

    I can’t help but laugh every time I see him. He always seems to be making such an idiot out of himself. The little fist pump in the second and third to last photos are hilarious. I wonder if Katie ever thinks, “This dude is a serious dork.”????

  12. Tine

    Forget the story…get a load of that photo of Tom in his braces! I know that was awhile ago but he should have stayed indoors with a tin grin like that!

  13. gOssiP

    the first pic is so awkward it looks like she is hugging her dad!!

    they really such at this whole charade thing, when is it going to end?!?!

    oh and i have to agree w/snob, it looks like the baby is moving up her stomach to come out of her mouth her something…

  14. Jess

    The entire version of the HILLARIOUS scientology episode is on

    Laughed my ass off the enitre time

  15. las

    If I had a BF pumping his fist every time he kissed me, I would kick him. Then again, those are absurd kisses. They look like they’re making out with mannequins — and Tom obviously doesn’t know what to do with his hands or lips. They’re trying so hard to convince everybody, and failing so miserably.

    And Katie has been pregnant for what, almost a year?

    And poor Connor. He has to sit there and watch his dad make out with a Dawson’s Creek girl. Someone get the kid is a therapist. (And NOT a Scientology one!)

  16. Prestige

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Tom is such a phony bastard. You see him trying to look like he’s ignoring the fact their on a big ass billboard screen and making it look like everyone’s talking to him? He’s bout as phony as a two dollar bill! Katie is tripping dealing with his bootleg ass. I hope she gets alot of money out of him and leave him alone after the baby’s born. Where’s Chris Klein when you need him?

  17. char

    that’s a phone, not a cigarette pack.

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