Ohmigod! Katie Holmes To Run In J. Harvey’s City!

Katie Holmes is coming to Boston! Does she want to have lunch? She has registered for the Boston Marathon. This could actually be the moment when she puts her plan to escape Tom into motion! The boyfriend and I will hide you out, Katie! Run to our place! Pull a Rosie Ruiz and hop your ass onto the T and we’ll spirit you to safety! We have a guestroom and plenty of DVD’s for you to watch! I don’t know what we’ll do with Suri because kids make me nervous. Does she like the “Young and the Restless”? We have that on the DVR. And I have vodka. Do kids like that? Oh, and she also said at the LA premiere of her flick “Mad Money” that she was “happy” for Nicole Kidman and her pregnancy. Yeah, happy because you got the other two kids she used to have! Here’s Katie and Tom Cruise looking like Norma Desmond and her gay manservant.

Update: Uh wait a sec, People is saying her rep says it isn’t true. Oh jesus, she found out I live here didn’t she? Well fine, I didn’t want you staying at my apartment anyway! This isn’t the Underground Railroad for Scientology Wives!

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN