TomKat Choose Memorial Service To Get Frisky

February 20th, 2006 // 33 Comments

“I rule!”

Ah, how cute, Tom and Katie do a little swimming, while in Australia for the memorial service of Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer. What have we learned from this little outing. Tom is really, really white. Katie Holmes had the most unfortunate timing for the photo taken below (with one gust of wind, she resembles like Big Momma). The couple takes the most awkward posed photos ever (bottom, left hand photo).

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are not just not broken up – they can’t keep their hands off each other even during a memorial service.

The Hollywood stars turned heads with their amorous behavior at a somber remembrance for Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer, held yesterday at the Sydney Opera House.

“They were all over one another during the service,” laughs a journalist friend of mine via E-mail.

Among those paying their respects were golfer Greg Norman, Lachlan Murdoch, Aussie Prime Minister John Howard, director Baz Luhrmann and Viacom scion Shari Redstone (while passengers of the Queen Elizabeth 2, docked across the harbor, complained about tours of the opera house being canceled for the day).

Also there was Russell Crowe, whose friendship with Nicole Kidman seemed to put some distance between him and his fellow megastar.

“Russell and Tom didn’t seem to have much to say to one another,” says my mate from the Sydney Morning Herald. “But they are both expectant dads, with Danielle Spencer just through her first trimester and Katie looking like she’s about to explode.”

Check out the photos from the memorial service (after the jump), in which Tom turned on his star power.

Lots more photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a seemingly most enjoyable memorial service ever, after the jump.

TomKat show united front [Gatecrasher]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dr. tia

    I dont give a damn what no one says about Tom and Katie. They are my favorite couple and are madly in love. Neither one of them have ever did anything to hurt us personally. Ppl just talk trash about them becuz everyone else does. They were destined to be together and thats obvious when two years ago Katie said in teen ppl magazine she would love to marry tom cruise. Their perfect and I wish them so much happiness. Call me crazy .. say I do drugs.. say I had dinner with santa claus and the toothfairy… yea I read your comments about me ppl and I dont give a f*ck. I’m sorry that i’m optimistic and I love the relationship tomkat have. All we do on here is bash celebrities … well its time to stop. None of these ppl have done anything to us. You know what the saying is .. you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all.

  2. Eh. Love or not, when you turn 40…keep your damn shirt on. Tom, that is not hot.

  3. Kelsey

    Tia… this blog is for bashing celebrities. If you don’t like it, find a new one to post on, cuz no one here really cares if they are being mean or not. They are here to make a delightfully sarcastic comment about crazy celebrities and to enjoy wasting their time reading other people’s quips. We won’t stop the bashing…so again…if you don’t like it, leave.

    PS…TomKat scares the crap out of me

  4. Breezudy

    This is the first time I can say she actually looks knocked-up. Poor child has her some boobs. But those shots of what’s-his-name, when he’s got the green t-shirt on? Doesn’t look ANYthing like Cruise. Or maybe it’s that he’s managed to look dorkier than usual. Sure doesn’t look like him to me…

  5. Dr. tia

    Hey kelsey .. guess what .. i’m here to stay … you go ahead and talk crap while I chose to be optimistic .. so will I leave this blog ??? … um no .. you cant run me away with your kiddie comments .. so stop tryin to punk me hun.. it dont work .. as for everyone else you guys crack me up .. I enjoy reading your comments even when its about guys keep it real .. anyway kelsey kiss my ass

  6. Cheesy


    Has Tom ever been in the sun before?

    That pastiness is pretty hideous.

  7. DJ

    Tom is looking NASTY! Please, for the love of God! Put a shirt on Mr. Cruise!

    Hey, Tia……take a pill and have a nap. Talk about over reacting……sheesh!

  8. Kelsey

    Hey now, I didn’t attack you, so why should you attack me? I just said to stop complaining about the mean posts, cuz they are going to continue dispite your protests. You are a strange kind of doctor…where is your logic? You like the posts and they crack you up even when they are about you, yet you complain about the posts? Alrighty….

  9. Hey Dr. Tia-

    YOu can candy coat your comments and send sugary-sweet thoughts to all the celebrities you want. If the rest of want to mock or voice our opinions, let us be. That’s what makes this site fun… you’re free to post whatever you want… the rest of us are free to skip over your lame comments too (and vice versa, I’m sure).

  10. Cynthia

    We all had better stop the attacks or we will again be forced to sign in to comment. (remember that?) This is a blog for celebrity bashing. If you don’t like it, there are many, many fan sites out there.

  11. Cynthia

    PS-TomKat scares the crap out of me as well!

  12. romary

    the years have not been kind to TomKat – what the hee-to the heck has happened to his body? He’s no Maverick and he’s not even Rain Main’s bro anymore……yeessh.

  13. judykins

    I wouldn’t doubt it if they disappeared all those months just so Katie could come back out with a pregnant belly suit under all those dresses. I think I see a lump!
    I want DNA tests on this baby…I want to catch Ol’ Crazy in his lie

  14. spitty

    Tom is superwhite. I mean his skin is reflecting the sun. I too want a DNA test performed as soon as the child is born.

  15. Brian

    The REALLY scary thing,is that the closer it gets to the release date of Mission Impossible 3 (no,I mean the movie…..not Tom actually having sex with a woman for the third time) The more we’ll be subjected to TomKat everywhere we look.I think I’ll find a nice quiet bombshelter and hide out there for a couple of months.

  16. KittyLiterati

    Dr. Tia-
    The inverse goes for you. If you say we unfoundedly bash Tom and Katie because we don’t know them and they haven’t done anything to us, then why do you offer excessive sycophantic praise for someone you’ve never met? Did Tom Cruise also pay to hook you up with a sperm donor and in vitro fertilization?

    IMO, Tom and Katie have handled themselves quite ridiculously since this whole fiasco began. If, in fact, they did have their hands all over each other at a funeral (most likely just to quell rumors of their breakup), I find that beyond disrespectful and annoying. For all the sanctity of life-swill that Tom preaches about, he sure displayed zero in that circumstance.

  17. kitchenetta

    These photos are really strange. The only thing pregnant on her is her stomach. Her face looks just the same. Wierd

  18. Caro

    Let them split in peace (if they have ever been together, which I doubt) and forget about those creepy and disgusting pictures of them. Katie is a disgrace for womenhood, and Tom, even if I still like him as an actor, is a gay scientologist desperate for fame. They are nothing more than that.

  19. jodroc

    It is a miracle. she is as big as all that with not one sign of fluid retention. None of my friends have maintained their ankles when they are that pregnant.

    The media in Australia barely even reported that they were here. He is no longer our favourite “son-in-law”.

  20. spitty

    Comeon now. Katie is Tom’s type. She’s taller than he is. He is acting screwy but he’s in love and allowed. :-)

  21. spitty

    Tom is no longer Oz’s favourite “son in law” because he is divorced from that skank Kidman. Does she even maintain a relationship with Connor and Isabella?

  22. CareKate

    For Pete’s sake, Dr. Tia, how is it you have so much time to spread your merry bleeping sunshine – don’t you have some student loans to pay off?!

  23. Madge

    Dr. Tia — You are not optimistic, you are delusional. How do you know they are “madly in love?” Because their publicists say so? Hun, you need a remedial course in celebrity smut (and spelling, punctuation and grammar). BTW, the saying is, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me.”

  24. Fabiola

    “They were all over one another during the service,”

  25. Small Fry

    Why is she wearing a dress to go swimming in?

    PS – People who love celebs scare the crap out of me!

  26. gossipwhore

    I though after your 6th month you are not allowed to fly… Katie is flying all over the damn place… this girl needs to be in one place long enough to start nesting…

  27. NOT a TomKat fan

    However,I did some research and…
    Air travel is safe for most moms-to-be up to the 36th week of pregnancy, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
    Many airlines won’t let pregnant women on board who are due to deliver within seven or sometimes 30 days of the flight (they don’t want you to deliver while in the air!). Each airline, however, has different rules about when and if it will allow you to fly.

  28. spitty

    And you think Cruise is flying a COMMERCIAL airline? If he doesn’t have his own jet a la Travolta, surely he can charter one or bum one from a friend in high places.

  29. Anna

    I have a lot of pity for haters. It is the biggest shame you can get.

    “Small Fry said:

    PS – People who love celebs scare the crap out of me!”

    Why? you scare me. Celebs are humans beings with qualities and flaws. And they are famous misteps.
    Yours stay at the dinner. be glad after all.

    And also, I find Tom really attractive and hot. He is pale, yes, but you don’t get tan at birth.
    So I hope the best to them and mostly to Tom, because he is a nice guy. And luck, they will need to get out of ‘some thing’.

  30. scarletbegonia

    i still don’t think she’s really pregnant.

  31. Rumor

    I never liked Tom Cruise until more recently. He’s getting better with age.

    Please tell me why people say Cruise is gay. Is it because someone in Hollywood leaked it out? He’s been married twice in somewhat long marriages. Why would people say that? I really would like to know why those rumors got started in the first place. Thanks.

  32. las

    How very classy of them to be pawing during a funeral.

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