TomKat Celebrates Victory in Germany

Having had experienced a slew of bureaucratic hurdles during preparations to get to film in Germany for his movie, “Valkyrie,” Tom Cruise was excited when he and his production company were finally given the go ahead and started filming two days ago. And, this is random, but I love how suspect Tom Cruise looks in the back of the limo. It’s like Katie’s looking over and saying, through gritted teeth, “Zip up your pants, please.” I kid! But seriously, he’s kind of creepy to me. Tom was very happy that such progress had made on his pet project, and took time out to pay deference to the war heroes he’s portraying in the movie.

Indeed Cruise and his crew observed a minute of silence in memory of the fighters for liberty at the Historic Bendlerblock in Berlin.

Cruise declared that he was “touched” to be at the site, which today is used by the defence ministry and is a national shrine, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

And on an unrelated note, I had the weirdest hair over the weekend and was shocked to find that I was actually sporting Hitler bangs by accident at one point. Not a great look on a girl, FYI.


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