Scientology Gays And Their Beards Do Lunch

February 22nd, 2008 // 13 Comments

Here’s Tom Cruise, Will Smith and their wives Katie Holmes and Jada Pinkett-Smith at the First Annual Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Draw your own conclusions. Jada looks hot. Katie looks happy but 40. And there is a lot of subtext going on between the mens. Jada better put a stop to this. Katie can’t, because the chip in her head won’t let her. Jada needs to sock Will in the mouth and tell him to get those urges in check because he’s supposed to be a manly man. You don’t see her sleeping with her trainer Danielle, do you? And Danielle has some fine curves and makes a mean gazpacho.

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. Cat

    Katie’s wardrobe is really looking nice lately.

  2. mojoman

    Oh Tommy, many times do I have to tell you, purple is not your colour honey! try a fuchsia or magenta.

  3. T-Bone

    Laughed out loud, J. Harvey. LOVE Jada’s dress though. Hot.

  4. justifymylove

    Scientology has done some really good things to Katie’s sense of style I must say…
    as much as I hate that crazy dwarf I’ve been enjoying what she’s wearing a lot lately.

  5. Karen

    Tom & Katie color coordinated their outfits, shoes & bag to sweater & tie. If it was Katie’s idea, Tom is p-whipped. If it was Tom’s idea, Katie is screwed.

  6. smarterthanyou

    Will Smith is “supposed to be a manly man”? You are what’s wrong with the world.

  7. btchyspice

    at what point is tommy girl going to figure out she’s living in the shadow of nicole kidman (before she finally figured this freak out, packed up, and hit the high road)? tommy girl towers over tommy like kidman did. tommy girl is now as rail-thin as kidman became. when does the chip defect and tommy girl comes back to planet earth? please! sometime before they end up wearing matching bikini tops and grass skirts on their next “family” vacation.

    my gawd!

    oh–and poor jada. with “friends” like these…well, you know.

  8. Chickie

    Jada’s a man, baby!

  9. emma

    Katie looks awful, haggard, ill and gaunt. Her shoes are hot and her dress is atrocious with that extra sling of material. No wonder it’s already making ‘worst dressed’ lists. How sad that people look at an ill and inappropriately dressed woman and pull an ‘emperor’s new clothes’. Instead, someone should tell her how far she’s fallen.

  10. jen

    After seeing her shoes, I think if she didn’t wear such HIGH heels…they’d probably be the same height.

    Cute shoes too….

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